I Love Living in a Bilingual Country

I was hanging out in the office this morning when the phone rang. Quebec came up on the call display, so I suspected it was BMO calling me about a fax I sent them a couple of days ago.

It was.

And I just loved the pregnant pause when I answered in English and the person on the other end of the line was dumbfounded by the realisation that she had just called Alberta and she didn’t speak a word of English. A quick “Bonjour!” on my part got the ball rolling, but I bet those were two of the longest seconds in that woman’s life!

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  • I’ve recently stumbled upon a little gadget that constantly monitors one’s starting battery. It’s called Battery Bug, and it works like this: you connect its two wires directly to your battery posts (easy to do–just slip them underneath the clamps)… then every time you start your vehicle, Battery Bug’s tiny brain monitors the battery’s performance under stress and updates its LCD display with an estimate of the battery’s remaining life.

    I put one of these on my Honda Fit a few months ago, and after seeing how useful the information was, bought another for my Lazy Daze motorhome. It’s only about US$35. I figure if it can warn me of a failing battery in time for me to replace it, rather than end up stranded, it’ll be a worthwhile investment. Here’s a link:


  • I think this would be more useful for my RV than for my car, because the RV sits so much. I really don’t see a need for it for the car.

  • Oops! I see I posted that comment to the wrong thread. Sorry!

  • I can almost see that woman’s face. 😀

  • Me too, Linda. She sound sounded really relieved. 😀

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