Mar 30, 2010 - Homemaking, Organizing, Personal    2 Comments

I Just Amazed Myself

Disorder is an interesting thing. It can disguise itself as chaos. That’s what I thought my home had become, what with the upheaval of the renos and moving things around.

As it turns out, once organized, always organized. In just an hour, I put my whole home back together. Things aren’t all in the same place, but I have my house back and it is a beauty. When I come in the door I cannot believe it is the same RV I bought! I will take a photo tomorrow when it is light out. The front room is so open, bright, and spacious.

But that’s not what amazed me.

That new dishwasher cabinet I built? With the three compartments and drawer? Well, the compartment over the drawer is still empty!

The study, while neat, is far from done and I still have reordering to do in there. Some of the boxes in its overhead cabinets may, and probably will, migrate to that cabinet in the front room. For now, though, I will just revel in the fact that I still have plenty of storage space to spare and that I am not drowning in STUFF.

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