I Hate a Mystery*

Last Thursday afternoon, I went to start the car to find that the battery was dead. Odd; it hadn’t been that cold out the night before. I tried to charge it on the Friday, but the charger wouldn’t even recognize it was hooked up to a battery. I literally have not had the time or energy to deal with the issue, plus I haven’t really needed the car, so I let it sit for a bit. Yesterday, I mentioned to my maintenance guy that I was having trouble. He asked me for my keys and to stay away from the car for an hour. When I went to check it, it was running fine and the charger said the battery was at 100%. My maintenance guy suggested I go have the battery load tested.

Well, I went to the car this afternoon and the battery was discharged again! I obviously had a bad battery or a phantom draw. And that’s when the solution hit me. On Thursday last, I went into the car after the staff party and turned on the overhead light. I turned it back off again… or so I thought. It turns out that even though the light was off and the button appeared to be at the ‘door’ setting, it hadn’t actually switched over!

A tenant gave me a boost and recommended the same battery place. Since the load test was free, I had the battery checked out just to be doubly sure, and yeah. Everything’s fine!

*(with credit to Hal Dresner for the title of this post)

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  • Well thanks goodness you found out what was causing the drain on the battery.

  • Indeed! And it didn’t cost me anything, yay!

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