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Hung Out To Dry

C&C stopped in with a gift for me. They spent the afternoon at an old house that is being demolished grabbing reusable materials for their addition. Under a pile of stuff, they saw something that made them think of me:


That is a clothesline! I need to restring it and find a way to anchor it into the ground. This will do nicely until I can put up a proper one that can hold more than a small load of items.

Now, I won’t have to risk decapitation the next time I do laundry.

We also firmed up our plans for next week. I’m leaving on Friday the 14th for Stettler to visit with Donna and Ken, and then going from there to Kelowna for the RV Lifestyle Seminar. I’ll be gone 11 days total.

Miranda is in no shape to go anywhere, needing new tires, so I’m heading out in the truck only. Neelix is going to stay at C&C’s while I’m gone. They have an adorable one-year-old cat and the two of them should get along great.

Taking the truck only will slice my trip budget considerably (I’m estimating $600 for fuel instead of $1,500 – still OUCH). I’ll be very comfortable in Stettler and will be fine camping in the truck in Kelowna.

I’m looking forward to the seminar, but am continuing to regret what a mess it is making of my finances. I’m just not able to get ahead. and there are more expenses coming up as the summer progresses. And there’s the fact that the truck needs work before we can go. Yes, I’m working, but I sure could use another contract or two. Anyone know anyone who needs a transcriptionist? How about a French/English translator? 🙂

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  • You will be surprised at how much laundry that clothesline will hold. I had one like it and I would do several loads at a time in my standard washing machine.

  • Really? It seems rather puny; about 20′ total of clothes line; max. I had 75′ out the other day and filled it with two Wonder Wash loads.

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