Hot Water Problems… Because I’m a Moron

Ah, FHU! They are wonderful. They mean I can keep my fresh water tank filled, use my hot water heater, and take showers at home! I should be a content RVer this week.

Well, except that the hot water has been tepid at best. I’ve still had to heat water on the stove to do dishes. Dang, why can’t things work?! I’ve already replaced the circuit board on my water heater. What more does it want?!

I was very warm last night, so I decided that a tepid shower at home would suit me just fine. I went to turn on the water only to discover that both knobs were fully open.

Yup, I did what so many people warned me about, ‘turned off’ my shower using the cut off in my new shower head rather than using the knobs! This meant the hot water was getting sent to the wrong location!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my water heater and I am going to look for a waterproof, “Hey, idiot! I know you had a nice massage, but have you REALLY turned off the water?!” sign for my shower door. 😀

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  • Okay, so where was the hot water being sent? I hope not to some place it could damage something. On the good news side, at least the hot water heater is working okay!

  • It was being diverted to the shower.

    Not a big deal in my case since I haven’t had water on board since a couple of days after I inadvertently left the water on in the shower, plus I never leave the pump on. So while it has been weeks since my goof, it really has only been a few hours by my water system’s reckoning.

  • I have to say you have me confused. If hot water was shut off to your shower by the shower head it was still “off” correct? Opening any faucet should draw hot water to wherever you are. What am I missing?

  • The plumbing valve is still open so the RV system is still under pressure at that valve. Shutting off the water at the shower head stops the water from coming out of the shower head, but doesn’t stop the flow from the pressurized system. Not sure if that’s any clearer…

  • When I did this same thing I was a moron as well but a moron short $160 for the price of a mobile RV repair guy to tell me I was a moron!

  • I actually linked to that post and then changed my mind, not wanting to embarrass you further. Thank you for sharing it with us! 😀

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