Hood River Stopover

Yesterday, I pulled out of Florence around noon and drove straight through to the first rest stop north of Eugene. The trip was much easier this time around. I didn’t have far to go so I took a full hour for lunch then continued on to the Camping World in Wilsonville. This is a great overnight spot in an ocean of NO OVERNIGHT RV PARKING signs. I was told that so long as you don’t block the bays or stay for ‘like a week’, they ‘don’t care’ if folks overnight. I’m going to come back to this night soon as I can get pictures posted because the rigs parked along side me were rather memorable.

My stupid GPS told me there was a McDonald’s nearby, so I walked there to look for internet, but there were none of the businesses it promised in the area. By that time, I’d walked a couple of kilometres in the direction opposite the Starbucks and it was getting dark, so I just went back home.

This rainy morning, I’m following the Columbia River along I-84. I have a spot picked out for tonight but won’t reveal it until I know if it pans out or not. I will try to tag back in later in a more relaxed fashion, but I’m parked at the RV unfriendly Walmart and don’t want to push my luck.

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