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Holiday Season Ebook Sale

From now until January 10, 2010, my ebook Sorting It Out (with bonus) is available for the low price of 5.95USD!

Those who have already purchased Sorting It Out may pick up Echoes of ’98: Hiking the Chilkoot in the 21st Century for only 6.95USD! To take advantage of this offer, send me 6.95USD using the same email address you used to purchase Sorting It Out and you will be redirected to the Echoes of ’98 download page.

As if that weren’t enough, bloggers who wish to advertise this sale on their blog will receive their choice of ebook at no charge. Please email me to arrange this.

Happy holidays!

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  • Wise marketing my lady. As you know, somewhere in the depths of my posts your sort books are listed, but I shall mention them again. They are a great read, as I said before, and good luck with the Bundy career directive. 🙂

  • Thought it might be a good way to get a few extra sales this month…

    Bundy career directive? Are you telling me to become a cannibal serial killer?! *confused*

  • Wrong Bundy. I was referring to the “married with children” series’ Al Bundy. Sorry about the confusion. 🙂

  • LOL! Worst part is that I actually Googled Bundy to see if there might be some other reference I was missing! 😀

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