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Haven Closer To Water

The RM is flushing the hamlet’s water system today and there are a lot of guys on deck for that. One knocked on my door to inform me that he had located my water main!!!!!


The valve is about 8′ into the ground. Getting water above ground is going to be a lot of work and quite costly, probably more expensive than putting in power! I need to get a backhoe in here to get down to where the valve is so that it can be replaced, and then I need the water brought up to ground level and located somewhere on my property, which will involve trenching. Wish me luck finding a plumber to give me a quote!

I learned after the fact that it was one of my neighbours down the street who asked the RM guys to find my main! He and I had talked about looking for the main for a while, yes, but I’m still impressed that he thought to put in the request for me!

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  • How lovely of your neighbour!

  • Good news! First thing, pound something (re-bar) into the ground beside the access so you do not “lose” it, as I have a couple of times.

    Are you sure it is 8′ down? Even for Saskatchewan that sounds a little deep. In Terrace, ours was 6′ down and here in Campbell River I think it is 3′ down. In any case, I think a Bobcat will be enough to do the digging. They should hire out for around $150 per hour or less with operator and I can’t see it taking more that an hour. Plumbing to bring it up to a hose bib above the ground should be less than $50. You can trench it in later or simply build an insulated box to place over the hose bib in the winter and just connect your hose to it for the time being.

  • Bast, I’m starting to get scared that he has a crush on me. We’re the only two about the same age in the area and I think he broke up with his girlfriend. Don’t get any ideas, he’s not the guy for me! 😀

    Croft, several people have mentioned that 8′ depth, including the RM, so I guess that’s what it is.

    What’s going to kill me in terms of cost is actually getting someone here. Once someone’s here, might as well have them trench to get the connection to a convenient location. Besides, the valve is on the wrong side of the sidewalk, so I’d have to dig a few feet to get it on my side anyway.

    I also need to replace the underground valve, which is going to be very $$$ according to the RM guy.

    No chance of losing it. The RM guys dug up my lawn to find it, so it’s where the patch of dirt is surrounded by grass. 😀

  • One small step for woman, one giant leap for Haven.

  • LOL!!!!

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