Hanging Out With the Cat

That post title really has sent me into ‘crazy cat lady territory’ hasn’t it? 😀 But it’s true. Neelix and I have always been more of polite roommates than companions. Since it’s been just us, he’s stepped in to take Tabitha’s job of Chief Cuddler. He even asks for my lap now! He’s a great comfort.

My last post sure did stir up some comments! I would like to clarify that even though no payment is expected and that I am unimpressed with Strombsburg’s inflexibility, I am going to be leaving some money in the donation box, just not as much as I had planned to ($2 vs. $5 a night). That will more than cover the services I have used.

Even though I have permission for four nights, taking me to Sunday, I’m moving out tomorrow. I’ll be going about one hour up the road to Columbus where there are a number of free parks with no donations accepted (although I would leave one if there is a collection box) that allow a seven-day stay. I wish I had known about Columbus earlier on. I would have stayed in York Wednesday and arrived in Columbus on Thursday. Oh, well.

Columbus puts me an hour closer to the border and 17 miles closer to Omaha, so I will still be able to meet up with P.J. and her hubby as planned on Sunday.

Monday, I plan to haul ass to the casino in Hankinson and reassess the weather. If it looks clear, I’ll make it to Minot on Tuesday, and Canada on Wednesday, but I’d have two extra days in case I want to hang out longer in Hankinson to catch a crab leg buffet. 🙂

My mother called today to catch up and had the same thought I did: that I can land on my property, even if it is spongy, if I lay my levers perpendicular to the tires to get them to absorb the weight of the rig. If I do that, then I am going to try the Montana entry point that’s right at my property rather than the bigger one at Portal, ND, which will save me beaucoup bucks on fuel. I can drop the rig, then make a grocery and internet run with the toad the next day.I can’t believe I’ll be in Canada no more than a week from today. Where did the winter go?!I’m off to reread earlier blog posts to remind myself that until I pointed the rig north from San Antonio, I was having an awesome time! Yes, some pictures of palm trees would be just the ticket right now!

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  • I had 3 cats once. The older one in the teens and the others around 6 and 3. The older cat had NEVER been friendly and always drug her food out of the bowl and ate it off the floor. My Mother-in-law at the time let the (inside only) cats out while we were on a trip. The 6 year old very friendly cat was never to be seen again. Then the 3 year old also friendly cat got sick and died. That very same night, the old, never friendly cat, slept on my pillow and was as friendly as could be the rest of her years. She slept with us every night and also ate her food from the bowl now. I think she must have thought she had better change her ways or she would vanish also.

  • What a sad story. *HUGS*

    Neelix has always been friendly and sweet, showing me affection in his own way. But he’s never slept with me EVERY night or hung out with me ALL day.

    It’s almost like he feels that he has moved up in rank.

  • We’re excited about seeing you Sunday.
    P. J.

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