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Green is Good

The paint colour for the study dried to a beautiful dark olive tone that I really like. You’ll have to wait till I get some natural light for a glimpse of it; it photographs much too yellow, as though it was still wet.I wasn’t so enamoured with the paint, however. It streaked and dripped, behaving like a very cheap product when it is a higher end one. Most disappointing. One can was barely enough; I had to leave the inside of the wall cabinet unpainted. I also applied the product very lightly where the walls won’t show. I don’t intend to ever redo Miranda, so it’s okay if the paint under paintings or furniture isn’t perfect. I have just enough left, barely, to do the touch ups once the artwork and furniture are in place.

I’m so pleased to finally have a green room in Miranda. There is just something about green that I find very soothing. All my homes thus far have featured green. The hospital/mint green that came with Miranda just didn’t cut it; I like my green to be very earthy.

Between coats, I managed to get the curtains cut. Getting them done will be one of tomorrow’s projects, but it’s not so pressing as getting the furniture back into place so that I can move around my RV again!!!

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