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Good That the Mechanic Thinks I’m Crazy?

I got up early this morning to make sure I didn’t miss a potential call from the Ford shop. By 8:00 (they opened at 7:00), I decided that ‘sit and wait’ wasn’t going to work for me, so I called them. The lady who answered wasn’t too helpful, but a mechanic must have overheard and told her to pass him the phone.

He said that the truck started right up normally and he drove it into his shop. What kind of trouble did I have with it?

I think it took five minutes for him to understand me because of our accent differences. I kept on having to repeat myself. It’s not just him; I had issues with the tow driver yesterday, the mall security person, the tourist info person, and I’ve experienced this in Savannah, too. And the accent troubles go both ways as I have a hard time catching more than just the gist of what someone says unless I’m listening very carefully.

Anyway, he said he would look at it today as it is second in line for service, but if it needs part, I may have to wait till Monday.

I’m going to hang out at home a while longer to see if I get any good news. No sense keeping the rental car into tomorrow if I could return it today, although I’m pretty sure that by noon I’ll be into the next day anyway.

The mechanic called me back as I was writing this post to ask me what state Alberta is in and for my zip code. I replied Canada and gave him my postal code slowly, remembering to say ‘zee’ instead of ‘zed’. He got the information in one shot, but said, “Gee whiz!”

I now have to confess how relieved I am my truck is actually where it’s supposed to be. 🙂

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