OMG, my French Canadian neighbours were totally cool with the thought of my borrowing their genset for a bit! I am so grateful! He even understands why I use a separate battery charger.

Isn’t this a beautiful sight?


I asked for two hours of use and don’t want to take advantage of their generosity, so I won’t be able to get a full charge. I’m using the 15A setting and charging my computer at the same time, so I have 10A coming in. I need to put in about 40A to get really full. So we’ll see how far I get.

For the odd time I need a generator, borrowing one makes more financial sense. I just don’t see myself asking any Tom, Dick, or Harry to borrow their unit. 😀

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  • One of those small Honda generators is just the ticket. Glad you are getting some charge and hope the sun is bright tomorrow.

  • Yeah, but the cost of those would pay for a LOT of nights in a campground. My cheapest solution so far is an extra solar panel.

  • I agree they are not cheap but when you have a lot of days of clouds and/or rain they come in handy. That is what I meant about being “just the ticket” not that you should get one. Besides, a night in a campground fills the bill for getting water and emptying your tanks.

  • Oh, I don’t disagree. I think a generator is a must for the Pacific NorthWET. And exactly regarding dumping and tanks.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha, you are so funny!
    Glad your neighbors are so nice as well!

  • I have no idea what cracked you up, but I’m tickled pink I made you laugh. 🙂

  • […] said, I’m not sure I would still be here on the beach had I not been able to borrow that generator at the beginning of February or if L and B hadn’t installed a new continuous duty solenoid in the motorhome engine […]

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