Generator Update

I discovered back in early May that my generator was no longer working. I didn’t think too much about it over the summer since the funds to have someone look at it just weren’t there. I was bitterly disappointed to not have it for my trip south, but figured that any money I sank into it would be greater than the cost of the occasional night at a campground.

One of my colleagues at the park is an electrical engineer and I finally worked up the nerve to ask him to have a look at for me. He came to the same conclusion as I did (!), that the problem was in the area of the brushes, which needed to be cleaned out.

Taking out an onboard generator is a huge undertaking, so I began to explore the idea of having it removed for salvage and buying a small portable generator. But the low number of hours on the Kohler made me unhappy about this option.

A few people told me to ‘whack’ the motor compartment, but I thought they were joking until my colleague suggested the same thing! He told me to hold down the start switch and give the motor a good whack with a heavy hammer.

I had nothing to lose by this point, so I did as he instructed. Nothing. I released the start switch, repositioned the hammer, hit the start switch and… the motor turned over!

The genset still won’t start, but my colleague claims that it’s ‘fixed’; all that’s needed now is to get some fresh fuel to the carburator.  I might need to take it apart and clean it as well as blow out the fuel line, but those are easy things to do.

To be continued…

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  • Many years ago, I had an old computer (monocrome) that went into its equivilant of the “blue screen of death” and was told by a tech a similar repair. “the beast is shot, and can’t get worse, right?… so lift the tower about an inch, and then drop it. Try rebooting it and you might jar whatever misaligned.”
    It worked. Sometimes the best tool are a hammer, and threats of replacement, it seems 🙂

  • LOL!!!!

    I remember asking someone how I could ‘kill’ my work computer without making it look like murder so I could get a new one. I was told to kick it a few times. This solved the problem it was having!