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Generator Under Load

Today is my generator’s first test after not running for almost five years. I had no trouble starting it, but I think I made a mistake after.

I keep a lot of my breakers off when I am using the inverter. I fired up the genset before turning those breakers back on. Soon as I slipped the breakers, my GFI buzzed, smoked (white, not black), and tripped, causing all the breakers to trip, too. I took the outlet apart and there is no scorched scent. The wiring looks good. L came in and said everything’s fine but to replace the outlet for my peace of mind.

Otherwise, all is good. I’m running backups now. The genset is not quiet, by any means, but is no more obnoxious than is the engine. L walked around the block and says he can barely hear it from the adjoining streets and properties.

Having the genny essential solves my power issues. I can run everything I use off my inverter, even my rice cooker and crock pot, but if I’m not in a sunny climate, my solar panels can’t always keep up. Having the genny means I can use all those power hungry things and make up for it in a couple of hours in the evening. I won’t be one of those who needs to run the genny just to watch TV or make dinner.

I was going to order myself another solar panel this week, but I’m now going to hold off as I really don’t need it. It would be a nice to have item, but I’m doing fine with just the one and a backup charging solution, so just the one plus TWO backup charging solutions (solenoid and genny) will be get me by.

L is a wonderful person and I love his company, even if it means staying up super late gabbing and drinking way too much on a work night (*g*) and I’d be glad he was here even without all the technical help. But him being an engineer is a really nice perk. 🙂

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  • Having friends willing to work on your rig is priceless. Glad you have L in your life. And a generator that works.

  • Have you thought about a standalone battery charger? I dont know what converter you on your rig. But most inverters arent very good at charging your house batteries to a fullbcharge. With a stand alone charger you should be able to charge your batteries to a higher state in a shorter time period.

  • Rob, I have a standalone charger that can trickle charge 1A, rapid charge 15A, or super duper fast charge on a house circuit at 100A. I use the 15A setting. 🙂

  • I should have known that 🙂

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