Fun in K-Town

My friend Amber from Nugget City lives in Summerland during the winter; that’s just an hour and a bit from Osoyoos depending on traffic. So, we promised that we’d see each other at least once this winter, depending on how long I would be in Osoyoos. Last night she mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to go to a craft fair in Kelowna today. Did anyone want to join her? A craft fair sounded like fun and I’m still not back in my work groove yet, so I replied that I was game. She suggested I meet her in Summerland, almost exactly halfway between Osoyoos and Kelowna, and that she’d drive us the rest of the way. Perfect!

The craft fair is an annual pre-Christmas event. It was a lot bigger than I would have expected. I found that there were more food products than there were crafts. We did a couple of circuits and I decided to buy a few things. The first was a huge bottle of balsamic vinegar reduction, which is vinegar that has been boiled with sugar to thicken it. It’s nice as a dip for bread or a salad dressing when mixed with olive oil, or on its own as a glaze for chicken. The next thing I wanted was a bottle of ‘Moroccan’ spice mix. At $5, that was a bargain since I couldn’t have bought the individual spices for that price. There’s lots I’ll be able to do with that! We were about to leave when Amber mentioned that she wanted a second look at a mustard display that I had tried to avoid. Needless to say, I walked out with another jar of mustard for my collection. 😀 It’s a honey/lime/ginger one that will be awesome on chicken.

Next, we headed over to Cherry Lane mall to grab a bite to eat. There, Amber used her iPhone to check movie listings. We agreed on Due Date and headed off to the theatre. I spent the next two hours laughing. The movie’s a riot! The rare second I wasn’t laughing, I was incredulous. I haven’t seen a movie in a proper theatre in so long I can’t even remember the last time I did and this one was worth the price of admission!

We had a couple more stops after that, then we drove back to her place. I didn’t stay long since I had another hour’s drive ahead of me.

It was an awesome, out-of-the-blue, sort of day, and it was really nice to hang out with Amber in ‘civilization’!

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  • Enjoyed catching up on your Montreal visit, you are right there is a much better selection of middle eastern food available in the east. I always like to get my “fix” when I’m back there!
    On another note: A request to add a “forward” and “back” button to your blog entries, pretty please. It makes it so much easier to follow up on multiple posts!

  • There is a ‘back’ and ‘forward’ button; at the bottom of each post there is a link to the previous and next posts by post title.

  • I can’t see that link, I have looked high and low!? Could it be my Mozilla?

  • I see a grayed out “LinkWithin” that links to a page saying, “Down for system maintenance….” Is that it?

  • There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ after each post. In order:

    1) “You might also like”
    2) Share on Facebook and subscribe to RSS feed
    3) Navigation links to the previous and next posts
    4) Related posts

    Can you see the links now?

  • You might be having browser issues because at my end LinkWithin is working fine.

    As an example, here is a picture of what the bottom of the K-town post looks like at my end with the back and forward links underscored in black:

  • Oh Okay! Hahaha, just another of my “moments” Now that you have underlined them for my addled brain, I see it was just a lot of words running together for me before…..I wasn’t identifying it as two separate titles!

  • It’s not the best coding, that’s for sure. I’ve been working at getting to the nuts and bolts of it to see if I can improve it.

  • Thanks Rae 🙂

  • Thank you for still reading. 😉

  • Dawh! It WAS a good day! I wish we could have see each other more! Are you by any chance coming back to the okanagan anytime in the next year for another visit you think? Or is that too much into the future to make plans? I’m up and following you now so I’ll know where you are and when you’ll be here next! That’s for sure! I’ve made your site my home page! And if you need any graphic design work, you know who to find. 😉

  • Amber! Darling! What a surprise! I miss you! No, no plans to go back to the Okanagan. I would be happy to spend the rest of my life without having to go back there.

    You may regret offering me graphic design services…. 😉

  • Awe. That’s cause you weren’t in Summerland. You were in Osoyoos. a Lot more happens towards kelowna. 😛

  • It’s not so much the entertainment as THE WEATHER!!!

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