Friends and RVs

Jody needed to run an errand in Calgary today so I came along for the ride. We stopped in Mossleigh to visit Donna. She is working at Aspen Crossing this summer and gave us a tour of the place. It combines a campground, a superb gift shop, a restaurant (great Sunday brunch apparently), cabins, and more. I was particularly impressed by the tour of the caboose that was converted into a luxury cabin that would be a great motorhome layout! Donna is very enthusiastic about camphosting in the nearly new campground (this year will be the second in operation). It was so, so, so good to see her and Ken, but I didn’t get to visit with Midnight.

Our visit done, Jody and I pushed on to the town of High River where we spent hours climbing into and out of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and a few motorhomes. I’d never spent so much time in a bumper pull trailer before and was astounded by some of the layouts!

Before I get into my discovery of the day, I have to say that I have finally decided on what my next rig is going to be. I’ve vacillated between getting excited about fifth wheels and considering a B+, but I finally came down to earth and made a decision. I want to downsize and I can do that two ways: going smaller or going bigger. So, my next rig would be one of two choices.

The first choice, going smaller would mean going down to a B and seriously reducing my cargo. I’d have to be in the mode that this is my only vehicle and that everything has to be prepped for travel.

The second choice, going bigger would actually be going smaller in terms of over-all rig length without sacrificing my current lifestyle of having an apartment with a car: a toy hauler super C motorhome, such as those made by Haulmark, with a Smart Car in the garage.

So, all that to say that if I’m going down to a B, then I’ve found it. It’s a Libero by Leisure Travel. It has a bed in the back, full bath and kitchen, and the dinette in the front is definitely usable as a desk, plus it has the solid construction of a high-end unit.

One thing I find neat when I look at RVs is that I see ways in which I could improve Miranda but I don’t get a burning desire to replace her yet. What can I say, the old gal is home!


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  • The grass is always greener, etc. You’ve put a lot of work and effort into making Miranda just what you want and need, and I’d think twice about switching, at least now. Especially since you work out of your home. Just my opinion. Good luck on whatever you decide.

  • Ah, but Gypsy the rigs I’m looking at today are the ones I’ll be able to afford when it’s time to replace Miranda ten years or so down the road! I might as well start shopping early so I can set a budget and make a smart decision down the road. 🙂

  • Ha, laughed when I read your comment that your shopping for ten years down the road as I was previously going to say I really liked the Libero but didn’t see one for me anytime soon! It is a beautiful rig, tho! The curved finishes inside makes me think of an Airstream!

  • Planning ahead is always a good thing. I do think I am in this 5er for the duration. We can always change our minds though. I have quite a lot of practice with that lately.

  • After all the work we did finding it, and what you’ve put into improving the cosmetics, I sure hope so! 😀

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