Mar 19, 2013 - Fridge, Technical    11 Comments

Fridge Woes

My fridge kept kicking off yesterday, both on the AC and propane setting. On AC, I was getting the scary all lights flashing ‘you’re in deep trouble’ warning and on propane I was getting a ‘there’s a problem with the power supply’ warning.

I thought that we were getting brownouts because of everyone running their ACs, but by 11PM, the rig was sitting at a steady 120V and the fridge continued to cut out.

I turned off the converter, switched the fridge to propane, and it was muuuuuuuuch happier. It ran fine all night. I’ve got the converter back on this morning and the fridge seems to be okay on AC. It’s a cool morning, so I’m sure there are no ACs running, which supports my brownout theory.

Let’s hope that this is a one-time thing…

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  • I would blame it on your 4 hour shower from last night ! lol

  • Humm… On propane setting the little bit of power required is drawn from the batteries.

  • Gina, LOL It was a half hour long shower. 🙂 And the water wasn’t running continuously, either!

    Croft, that’s what had me flummoxed. As soon as I took the converter out of the equation, the fridge was happy. Weird.

  • Horrible to have problems with the fridge when you have it loaded with food.

  • Thankfully, the fridge and freezer were almost empty. Not anymore, just got in from a grocery run. 🙂

  • It is kind of tempting fate but you could try to duplicate the problem and get a voltage reading off the 12 volt terminals in the back of the fridge. See if is high or low.

  • Also, make sure you have a good ground. How many time have we heard that? But, it is true that many problems can be traced to a poor ground.

  • Croft, I’m fed up with troubleshooting! As long as the fridge works, I’m not going to touch it! 🙂

  • Don’t blame you!

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