Fridge on 120V Power Update

Since leaving the beach, I had problems with my fridge set to the AC (shore/120V power), both on 30A at an RV park and 15A in a driveway.

I was really short on propane in Shawnee and was growing weary of just how quickly I go through the gas when the fridge is running off it, so I decided it was time to do something about it.

I started by going back over some of my electrical posts from the beach because I had a niggle at the back of my mind. And then I found my post about the salt water corrosion on my battery terminals.

Doh. I went out and cleaned the fridge terminals and connections with a scrubbie pad and an eraser, then turned the fridge on to shore power. No problem in Shawnee on 30A. And no problem in Wichita on 15A. My fridge is also running colder on a lower setting than it was before.

Salt water is evil! 🙂

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  • Unfortunately, fabulous ocean views come with salt water. 🙂

  • Indeed. 🙂

  • Great news on the easy fix!

  • Thanks!

  • I have been following you for 6 months or more!! Got your thread from Croft!
    We are traveling from Phoenix to Jacksonville FL and now up the east coast to NYC then Canada! We have dual citizenship so go both ways but Phoenix/Surprise is home!
    Don’t forget if windy that water in tanks and gas will help keep the rig more stable and more solid on the road!!
    Take care and we will continue to read your blog!

  • Hi, Timm. Welcome! You’re soooo lucky to have dual citizenship!!!

    My rig is plenty heavy enough even without full tanks. 😀

    Safe travels!

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