Fresh Water Hose Repair/Upgrade

It’s hard to find a good fresh water hose with fittings that won’t give over time. I know there are online sources for ones with brass fittings, but they get you with the shipping. A good way to make a cheap hose last longer is to replace the standard fitting with a brass one.

Project cost: $4-6 depending on prices at your local hardware store

Difficulty: super easy


  • one water hose with crappy fittings
  • one 1/2″ female to male brass adapter
  • one 3/4″ pressure fitting (you might be able to find a kit that has both the adapter and the fitting together)
  • a sharp knife
  • a flat head screw driver
  • teflon
  • a rainsuit (optional but useful on a typical day in Campbell River)
  • Simply cut off the crappy fitting from the fresh water hose. Slip on the pressure fitting. Twist in the brass adapter. Tighten the pressure fitting. Wrap teflon around the male adapter on your water pressure regulator (or the threads on the water outlet if you’re foolish enough to not use a pressure regulator). Screw on the water hose. Turn on the water and check for leaks. Adjust the tightness of the pressure fitting (sometimes you need to loosen, not tighten, to fix leaks).

    Total time:  five minutes, not counting running to the hardware store and back

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    • I wish I was as handy as you are, Rae. You are correct about sometimes needing to loosen rather than tighten a connection to stop a leak. I just found that out yesterday.


    • Pshaw, Gypsy, this was a no-brainer of a repair!

      I think the hardest part of the job was trying to convey exactly what it was I was looking for to the guy at the hardware store who insisted on helping !

      What sort of leak were you fixing?

    • […] had crappy fittings. I ended up stopping at True Value on the way home and getting better fittings, which were easy to install. I also found the fluorescent bulbs that I needed for the light fixture under my sink, something I […]

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