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Flying Solo

Today, I did a four hour shift by myself.

Okay, the owner was sitting in his office in the back, but he pretty much knows squat about where anything is or how the till works, so I didn’t go to him for any questions of that sort. I told him this when he complimented me on having only two questions in four hours, which just made him praise how quickly I figured out the computer system. I think that he’s happy with my performance thus far.

There were a few hairy moments and dealings with regulars who weren’t happy to see a new person who isn’t a mind reader, but it was otherwise fine and the shift went by fairly quickly. Training isn’t intensive enough for lottery and tobacco products, so I’ve been studying the regulations in my time off. It’s not fun, but I did something the other day that would have resulted in my getting fired and being fined had the tobacco inspector being in the store. It was just a tiny little thing, reaching for cigarettes before asking for ID, but that showed me that I have to be proactive in my training.

My schedule for the next week is excellent, even if it is for only twenty hours. I have all four hour, later in the day shifts, never starting before 10AM. This suits me just fine. I’m off tomorrow and don’t work till six on Sunday night, so I’m about to enter my first weekend since last April!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Payday is this coming Friday, so I feel comfortable enough to go do something touristy. My rainy day option is in Campbell River and my nice day option is outside of town.

Tomorrow, I will miss my two regular cups of coffee and third mixed with hazelnut creamer. 😀

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  • Hi Rae. It sounds like you are settling in quite nicely. You have a real talent of learning new jobs quickly. On top of that, you are a hard worker, so any employer is going to benefit from hiring you.
    We can hardly wait until you get a chance to explore the island a little. We fell in love with it, and are anxious to hear you thoughts, as well. Granted, the winters can be a little overcast, but much more liveable than Oliver, last year.
    Anyway, take care, and have an awesome “weekend”.
    Trent and Teresa

  • Hi Trent and Teresa,

    I am settling in slowly, but chomping at the bit to get started on projects (renos and tourism!) that require a greater influx of cash.

    I do seem to ‘catch on’ very quickly; it’s a common comment I get from new bosses. And, yes, I am most definitely a hard worker. Smart employers, like the folks in Dawson, harness that energy positively. Others like the idiot in Oliver do their best to smash it. The trick is to find more smart employers. 🙂

    Nothing can be more overcast than Surrey was last year. If so, please shoot me now. 🙂 There has been a lot of rain so far, but it’s broken up by such dazzling blue sky that I can’t complain. I hope it doesn’t turn to hell the way the weather did in Oliver last year. We had good weather there straight up into December.

    I also can’t wait to start exploring!!! Had my budget been a bit more secure, I could have taken a pretty good road trip this weekend. At any rate, there’s lots around Campbell River for me to see, so I can be patient. 🙂


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