Errand Day

I awoke to a very grey and heavy sky, a good day to go for a drive, even a short one into town, to charge the laptop in the truck. My PayPal transfer had finally landed in my inbox, so a Walmart run was definitely in order. The couple of times I’ve gone into town lately with L as well as with S&B, I was able to duck into Walmart for a few things, but I was due for a proper grocery.

Another thing on my Walmart list was motor oil, but I decided to wait to get some and just go get an oil change even though the budget is super tight. I forgot that US prices for such things are reasonable, so an oil change wound up being just $33. Woohoo! They even vacuumed the cab for that price, a nice perk.

I picked up something interesting in the produce aisle, so I now have to Google “How to cook cactus but first, how the hell do I get rid of the spines on the dang thing?!” I will report back on this.

The beach gang is heading down to the saloon for happy hour tonight, so that will be a fun mid-week activity. I may learn how to play shuffle board….

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  • Mmmmmm, cactus……just kidding, hope its good! Mmmmm, happy hour at saloon…. That I have partaken in. Shuffle board – gotta like any activity that involves beer (curling, darts, beach volleyball, washing RV, ) hopefully a year from now, I’ll be in the Moho fulltime…..until then

  • Nopale is apparently very common in Mexican cuisine and tastes like green beans. I adore green beans, so I am optimistic that I will like this. 🙂

    Beer makes the world go round. 😉

    Keep working that plan!

  • Found the best way to cook the Nopale is to remove around the outside and then cut into a fan, but leaving it attached near the bottom. Brush with olive oil, salt & pepper and grill. Liked it better this way than stirfrying or boiling. Enjoy!!!!

  • Ooh, I’m going to try that! Just need to find my steel gloves first. 😉

  • It came with the spikes still on – Ouch. Hubby tried to do that a year ago and ended up throwing the whole thing in the garbage. Better to buy the nopale. Good luck if you decide to go ahead and have plenty of bandages!! Take care

  • Melissa, yup, it came with spikes! I’ve been watching Youtube videos!

  • […] Tonight, I cooked up the nopal, or cactus paddle, that I bought the other day. […]

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