Enjoying My Stay At Bayou Segnette State Park

Bayou Segnette State Park really is a jewel of a place to park your RV in the greater New Orleans area. I mean, you get to stay out in the boondocks for $18 a night (off season) and are just 10 minutes from all the services and 40 minutes (including a ferry ride) to touristy New Orleans! And if you don’t have a washing machine, the FREE laundry facilities really offset the cost of the nightly stay!

The state park entrance is located off of a busy express way. You then have a couple of miles to go to get to the RV park area. The area is swampy, so I imagine it gets quite buggy in the summertime!

There isn’t much to the RV park itself, a couple of loops to walk around, plus bathrooms, FREE laundry facilities, and a dump station. All sites are back in and have 20A/30A/50A connections and water. Some sites are ‘doubles’ whereby two rigs have to share a slightly wider pad.

The park is verdant and lovely.

Two things have marred my stay. My first two mornings here, I was awoken before 8AM by lawn care services. Staff was utterly unapologetic, saying that lawn care has to be done and since it might have rained later in the day, it had to be done early. I really don’t see what makes leaf blowing so urgent that you need to wake your guests at oh-dark-thirty.

The second is that when I came in, I asked for five nights with the possibility to renew for more nights. I was told the park was full and that I would have to take a double site with no neighbour at the time. But the site was only renewable for one more night beyond the five and they could not promise there would be space for me for a sixth night.

Well, the park has been mostly empty. I checked online and there is tons of availability in the next few weeks. In fact, I don’t see any reason that I couldn’t have been given a site with open ended availability.

This is a good example of why people who don’t RV shouldn’t manage RV parks and set policies. The girl at the counter can’t understand why I am put upon to move a few sites down on Thursday. Packing and moving an RV represents a couple of hours of work! If I had other options in the area, I would move elsewhere. But since I don’t, I will move should my package not be here on Thursday and I need to stay on.

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  • I love it when you send me to the dictionary, “verdant” another good one!

  • English has so many lovely words. 😀

  • We love State Parks. We took a holiday to South Carolina and Georgia in Sept/Oct and spent the whole holiday in State Parks.

    In Summer 2010 we stayed a night at a RV Park in Estevan, Saskatchewan. The maintenance girl came along on her riding lawnmower at 6:30 AM and seemed to go around and around our motorhome…..urge to kill!!


  • Norma, I would have demanded a refund!!! In fact, I might have gotten into my car and driven to Walmart to get a gun, and then come back and pointed it at her!

  • “Packing and moving an RV represents a couple of hours of work! ”

    That depends on how you live, I can transfer sites within a park in about 10 minutes from the time I am given notice.

  • Well, I’m full-timing and run an office, so I have to pack up everything. I know people who just throw everything on the floor, especially for a short haul, but I pack everything properly.

    I could do it in 10 minutes if I absolutely had to, though. *shudders at the thought*

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