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It’s been a very full and active day under yet another broiling Saskatchewan summer sun. Once I had water, it was time to do laundry, mounds and mounds of it (and I’m not done yet). I got into a routine of getting hot water from the exterior shower and carrying it in a bucket to the WonderWash and then filling my new water jug with cold water while I spun the clothes. The outdoor shower is very slow, so having water in the jug made rinsing quicker. It sounds like a lot of work but, really, it’s less than traipsing across town to borrow someone’s washing machine.

During the day, I also worked a little more on the genset and reattacked my weeds.

Last night, I went over to Laura’s to drop off some internet research I did for her and asked her about a trash barrel she had promised me. She said that she needed to find a guy with a truck to haul away the branches in and covering it and then I could have the barrel. The branches would go to the ‘pit’ somewhere near the community hall.

Truck? Waitaminute, don’t I have one of those?

(When I got home, I was holding a flower pot with soil in it for transplanting my tomatoes and was just finishing that up when Isaiah and Grace stopped in for a quick chat. My “I’m a real homesteader now that I’m growing my own food!” quip as I held my tiny tomato plant was good for a laugh. Isaiah says that I’m fitting right in, ie. that my yard is starting to look cluttered (and yet, it’s very neat. I just need a shed!).)

Late afternoon today, I emptied out the truck and headed to Laura’s where I filled the bed with as many branches as possible. Then, I had to find the pit. I suspected that it would be near the vehicle graveyard and I was right! Just before the graveyard, there is a rutty track that leads straight down to a pit where everyone throws their branches. I backed down there and unloaded the branches, then almost spun out trying to get back up. Note to self, you do not have a 4×4.

I repeated the exercise twice (learning to jam the gas pedal and then quickly clutch into second), clearing away all the branches, then I went back for my well-earned trash barrel! A truck is so perfect for life out here, gas mileage be damned, and the property was definitely a factor in getting Moya.

I was just about to go take my shower (hallelujah) when I remembered that I had to put stuff back in the truck. So I went back out to sweep it, then put in the mats and made up the bed in preparation for leaving on Sunday.

What’s interesting about all this is that I had the energy to do it. Since I arrived on the beach early this year, the heavy shroud of fatigue that has plagued me for years, well before I started RVing, began to lift. Even though I’m still sleeping like crap, that doesn’t stop me from having an active day. Just a year ago, there is no way I would have gotten the truck cleaned today. I would have been glued to my lounge chair and even taking a shower would have seemed like an insurmountable chore. I’m not sure what’s changed except that I started to cut back on sugar as a new year’s resolution….

Life is so much easier to live when you’re not experiencing it as though swimming through a sea of molasses!

Needless to say, I earned myself a hearty dinner tonight and my body demanded some rice after all that exercise. Dang it was tasty! 🙂

The earth is dry and dusty here… but where we’ll live there’s a winding stream and the grass on the gentle hills around it grows high and rich and green. It’s the plot of land you’ve dreamed of.

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  • Fascinating how you feel better with the elimination of these foods. I am trying a similar effort to lose weight. Good luck!

  • Gina, I had some white bread on Friday with lunch (so wheat) and wanted to sleep through the afternoon, but otherwise did not feel bad. So it looks like it’s true what they say about carbs, you get a sugar rush, then a crash. Considering how I relied on white carbs as a vegetarian and continued that habit after I started to eat meat again, that alone could be the reason for my exhaustion. Fascinating.

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