Driving the Dempster: Epilogue

There is something bittersweet about fulfilling a lifelong dream. There is the elation at having done it, but also a certain emptiness as you wait for another dream to take its place. There are a lot of things I’d like to do in the next ten years or so—tour Egypt, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, paddle down the Amazon, hike the Great Wall of China, visit friends in Australia—but nothing pressing. I may just be ready to settle for a little less excitement for a while, long enough to build a solid foundation to my traveling life.

My trip to the Arctic and NWT was only a superficial experience, I know that. I didn’t get to have any great wilderness adventures or actually try living in a remote community, but what I did was enough. I saw what I wanted to see and got the answers I came for. I had given up on this dream, watching it fade away as opportunities marched away from me, so standing there, knee deep in the Beaufort Sea was profoundly satisfying. It reaffirmed to me what I learned last year on the Chilkoot, that all you need to fulfill a dream is the courage and conviction to see it through.

My second year of full-timing, that of my Arctic adventure, is ending most satisfactorily and I am curious to see what year three will bring…

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  • Oh, my heart was racing with your previous post about the muddy stretch. That stuff is weirdly slippery isn’t it? It looks so benign, but feels like dirt mixed with baby oil. Whew. Glad you made it safely through. I can’t believe you did that in a day. You are one tough woman.

    Your tour of Tuk was so much more extensive than mine! I didn’t get to see half of that stuff.

    So now let’s go to Egypt!!!

    We’ll be the only two women who have driven the Dempster solo AND traveled through Egypt, I bet! : )


  • There’s no way I would have made it in just one day in the motorhome, that’s for sure! In the car, it’s different. I feel like I have a lot more control in it because it has a standard transmission. Whenever I’d start to spin out I could switch gears and regain control.

    Who did you go with for the Tuk tour?

    Oh, Egypt… It was either go there for a month or RV for a year. Don’t regret my choice, but wondering if I’ll make it to Egypt now. It’s not nearly as safe a destination as it was three years ago. We would make quite the pair, though, wouldn’t we? 🙂

    And thanks!

  • Congrats on two years! How time flies by so quickly! Glad to see that you are well and safe! Take care, Dee

  • Thanks, Dee! So good to see that you still stop in occasionally!

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