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Done With Telus

George at Telus probably thinks he hung up with the most unreasonable bitch on the planet tonight. Let’s just say I was a tad… short with him. I made sure to direct my words at Telus, not him specifically, but he got the message loud and clear that he better not get into this customer retention spiel.

Telus, like all Canadian telecom companies, sucks. I’ve parted ways in the same manner with Bell and Vidétron. I really don’t know what I’ll be doing for internet, mobile or otherwise, when I get back to Canada, but I’ve beens ending Telus $40 a month for too long just to keep my account open. It was time to slam that door shut. They’ve provided great internet service, I’ll grant them that, but customer service has been vile and their prices usurious.

I sent an email several weeks ago asking to cancel my account and included my phone number. I got two emails from George claiming that he called me and asking for a number to reach me at. I guess the phone number in bold 72 point red font in the second email finally got his attention.

Verizon has spoiled me for life. If was wealthy, I’d pay their crazy Canadian data charges to never again have to deal with Canadian telecom companies. They are just so vile.

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