Dollar Tree Haul

I have to confess that I became addicted to Dollar Tree stores when I was in the US last year. I’m not one of those crazy people who buys random stuff just because it’s cheap, but they do have a lot of really good products that I actually need. In fact, I’m still going through my stash of waste bags that I bought expressly for emptying the litter box, buying enough so that I could scoop twice a day and have enough bags for a year. That investment was all of two or three dollars. 🙂

So when I saw a Dollar Tree by the Walmart in Minot, I ambled over after dinner to see if I could get the things on my list:

a) A new pair of nitrile-coated gardening gloves, which are awesome for hooking and unhooking the toad as they are warm, but water proof, and easy to slip on:

My last pair was pink and my current pair is green. Stock image because they are filthy. 🙂

b) A slightly bigger basket for the produce. I had bought a black one last year:

And think that this slightly bigger pink one fits in better with my decor (although it’s a bit too hot pink):

c) A tiny waste container for the dressing room into which I could put cotton swabs, band-aids, lysol wipes, etc. without having anything on the floor. This yellow bucket was perfect:

I also picked up a couple of food items, including honey graham crackers, that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, and a bath sponge. The cashier said to me, “Did you find everything you were looking for? And maybe some extras?” I don’t think that he believed me that everything but the honey-mustard chips were on the list! And as for the chips, I’m addicted to mustard, okay?

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  • I go to Dollar Tree BEFORE I go to the grocery store. They can’t be beat. Awesome cleaner, Cut Rite Wax paper, rolls of doggy doo plastic bags, greeting cards (50 cents), and whatever food stuffs I happen across. All for a dollar. Sure can’t beat that. BTW I’m always waiting for your next update. Happy travels. I’m currently spending the night in Townsend Georgia. On my way back to Maine after my winter in Ocala Florida. 32 foot Coachmen Santara (2002). Just me and my 10 month old Chihuahua/mix named Bella. Life is good. Oh, and I also work while on the road. MiFi, computer and cell phone keep me connected to my employer’s website.

  • Brenda, at first I was nervous about buying food at the Dollar Tree because buying food at a dollar store in Canada is really hit or miss. But I haven’t had any problems with anything and have even found some unique products. Note to self: look for the giant sweet gherkins. 🙂

    Happy trails to you and Bella, too! Isn’t being able to work from the road wonderful?

  • I love the idea of hanging the trash basket in the bathroom. I may steal that one when I get my next RV.

  • Linda, that wasn’t planned. I just happened to find a small, durable, yellow bin that I liked, got it home, wondered where it would travel, noticed the handle, remembered the hook, and voila! 🙂

  • Dollar Tree FTW! We have one nearby in Smithfield and I that’s where I buy my Reynolds Wrap Wrappers:

  • I found Reynolds wrap at TWO for a dollar in Oregon and am still going through my stash. The cheapest I’ve found the same product in Canada is one for two dollars!

    I am taking you on a Dollar Tree shopping spree. 😉

    (what I love about a $ Tree shopping spree is that you can get to the cash with your basket overflowing and still have less than $10 worth of stuff in it!)

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