Did I Miss a Memo?!

Did Quebec recently secede from Canada?

My request for Yukon healthcare was rejected because I did not provide sufficient proof of my Canadian nationality. I submitted a copy of my passport as proof that I am Canadian and was told that’s not good enough. They want a birth certificate! What???!!!

But that’s not what takes the cake. I promptly submitted my birth certificate and was equally promptly told that it does not prove my Canadian nationality as the certificate was issued by Quebec. What???!!!

I still have a couple of aces up my sleeve (it’s good that I know some lawyers, so an affidavit wouldn’t be out of the question), but this is ridiculous!!!

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  • There is something really wrong there. Did you ask her why she wouldn’t accept a Quebec birth certificate?

    As an aside, just as I was leaving this comment there was a news preview/commercial thing on tv saying that Quebec is passing a law where you can’t use power tools on Sundays, lol!

  • I was given a standard government excuse: we just don’t accept it. I got her to see the lack of logic in what she was telling me, but she was loathe to rock the boat. *rolls eyes*

    I googled the power tools thing and it’s a municipal bylaw in Granby, only. What a typically quebecois way of dealing with a tiny handful of idiots: making everyone pay. *rolls eyes*

  • You should show them your canadian flag tattoo on your ass 😉

    Seriously, WTF????

  • I’ll figure this out at some point!

  • You should have known better than to be born in Quebec!

  • Croft, right now I found the Yukon government sillier!!!

  • Hey, at least you are a “youngster”. I have a girlfriend who is “40 something” who can’t get a passport because she was born in Quebec before a certain year where the birth certificates were more like baptismal certificates, and she has to go through a long song and dance not yet fully determined because of it.

    Ironically, due to a military posting, although both my parents are Canadian, I was German born, and I got my passport with no difficulty whatsoever. You can’t even read my birth certificate unless you know German!! I have a citizenship card because my parents were well organized, and got mine right away.

  • The Yukon government must have it in for those “separatists” back east! What, no power tools on Sunday?? I do some of my best sawdust creating on a Sunday morning!! Is a chainsaw a power tool? How are power tools defined? Electric or liquid fueled?

  • Donna, I think you’ve got it!!! The stupid woman probably thought I have one of the invalid certificates! I don’t, but I did, and my mother went through the whole song and dance thing to get me a ‘proper’ certificate years ago!

    Norman, I have no idea how power tools are defined in Granby, but it’s a new noise ordinance so I’m guessing both electric and liquid fueled are a no-no. *rolls eyes*

  • Nothing like coming from a country within a country!!…
    Makes you wonder if in a way the separatists have succeeded afterall, if not from their efforts, the rest of Canada seems to be helping them along.
    If it is any consolation, I was speaking to a Canadian friend who spent several years in several different states, and apparently, it is more like the European Union than a single country. They have a lot of “right hand vs left hand” goings on issues.
    The mind boggles at how a simple process can be so complicated when you involve the government *roll eyes*

  • Oh my!!!! Glad I was born in Ontario…. I know when my mother, who was born in Mtl, went to apply for her last passport had to supply a newly issued birth certificate as her previous one was issued prior to 1993…. my mother though it was just a money grab from the QC government.

    I went to the OHIP office to renew… as I am taking possession of my new house today I wanted to submitted at the same time a change of address…. “proof of address/residency” was requested… what I haven’t moved yet…. so I have to provide them with something with a new address on it… okay so I requested to process the renewal with old address…. so she proceeded to tell me it would be fraudulous for her to process knowing it that the address wasn’t valid…. Okay… will bring in offer to purchase! So let’s do Marianne’s, she is turning 16 within the month and need a picture card now…. “proof of residency please!!!!” WTF???? I very aloud said… How the hell I am supposed to prove she lives in Ontario…. “a report card”…. okay that makes sense…. !

    Life is so much fun!!!!

  • […] took a couple of attempts to get satisfactory proof of Canadian citizenship, but I have health insurance! And I’m officially a Yukoner!!! Yup, I finally got my health […]

  • I guess being born in Denmark but I do have a Canadian passport would not qualify me for insurance in the yukon!! I have lived here in Canada a lot longer then I ever lived in Denmark (6 years only).

  • Actually, Birgit, you’re a CDN citizen (since you have a passport). If you own a home in the Yukon and you live their permanently, I doubt that you’d NOT be eligible for health care!

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