Death of a Visionary

Steve Jobs, co-found of Apple Computer, died today.

Macs alone would be quite the legacy; computers that work, contain everything you need right out of the box, and hold their value over time. But he also gave us futuristic technology in the form of the iPod Touch and then the iPhone and iPad.

At the beginning, the iPad didn’t make sense to me, and I wasn’t alone in this. But then I found a use for it and so did others. Steve Jobs created a product for which there was no obvious need and which filled a void that no one knew existed. That’s what makes a visionary.

Thank you, Steve, for Victoria (a voluptuous blue and white G3), Beatrice (a sexy blue and white clamshell), Harold (a sturdy video iPod), Margot (an elegant Intel iMac), Kevin (a sleek Powerbook), Angus (a muscular Macbook Pro),  Leo (a wonderous iPod Touch), and (edited on December 9th, 2011) Miles (the iPad made possible by an incredibly generous bonus from my employers in Lethbridge). Rest in peace.

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