Dawson Creek!

This was a short, easy driving day with a definite end goal, the Mile 0 RV Park in Dawson Creek.

I stopped once to stretch my legs, at the entrance to the Peace River Valley:

rest area at entrance to Peace Valley tourism region

rest area at entrance to Peace Valley tourism region

Arriving in Chetwynd, Chainsaw Sculpture Capital of the World (I can’t make this stuff up!), is incredible (I need some new adjectives); the town rises seemingly out of nowhere! I had hoped to dump there, but was cursed by one of my biggest pet peeves–single signage. That is, there’s a sign indicating that there is a dump ‘that way’, but once you go ‘that way’ there are no further signs. So, I gave up and resigned myself to full hookups in Dawson Creek. Chetwynd was a surprisingly full service town with a lot of big name stores. It is considered to be the ‘most livable small town in BC.’

Moreover, my house battery is behaving strangely for the first time since I installed it, so I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of doing two or three more nights without hooks.  The issue is that my voltage was only at 12.2 when I parked last night when, after a full three nights on plugged in at 15A, it should have been fully charged at 13.2v! Very worrisome…

I pulled into Dawson Creek just shy of noon this morning and am comfortably settled in the okay, but nothing spectacular, and quite noisy Mile 0 RV Park. Staff is unfriendly. Hookups and wi-fi are good.

Now that I’m all caught up, I’m off to explore. 🙂

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  • 12.2 volts is pretty much a dead battery! The obvious things to check are:

    water level
    tightness of all connections – something may have shaken loose

    Does the voltage increase when the engine is running? If so, to what voltage? It should be 13.6 or so.

  • Hi Rae,

    Glad you enjoyed your stopover at our place. Your company and stories were a welcome break for us!

    Re: your battery charge problem … when fulled charged your battery bank should read 12.6 volts. When plugged into shore power it should rise to 13.2 to 13.6 volts. If it does not then it is likely a problem with the power converter. You likely have a Magnetek model 6300 converter … can you verify that?

    When the engine is running the house batteries should read about 14.2 volts.

  • I still have my little Croft-supplied voltage chart. 😉

    I did all of the above this morning and voltage is good now. I think that what happened yesterday is that the fridge might have been running on the battery for a bit. I turned off the propane and fridge when I went to fuel up and put the fridge to auto instead of manually choosing propane. When I went to make dinner, I saw that the propane flow was low, so I had to turn it off and back again to fool the check flow valve. So, I think it makes sense that the fridge, not getting enough propane, switched to the battery….

  • Les, the feeling is mutual! I really appreciate how welcome you and Linda made me feel.

    As for the battery, see my comment above. I think it was just one of those fluke things.

    You’re right about the converter, but let’s not jinx things. When I’ve had battery problems so far, we’ve always been quick to blame the converter and one day it’s going to get tired of this and fail! 🙂

  • You are lucky to have met Les! He will be a valuable resource for you. I have used a lot of his advice in the past. Thanks Les if you are reading this.

    Rae, if your fridge was running on battery for any length of time while it was parked and not plugged in, that would explain the dead battery. However if the battery depleted while you were driving or were plugged in, your problem may not be over. Check your voltage regularly before you get too far away from “civilization”.

  • Croft, the battery was fine when I stopped for lunch. I didn’t check it again until several hours after I’d stopped for the day. So, I’m going to say that the fridge is the culprit and stop looking for trouble. 😀

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