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Creatively Replacing Atwood Range Knobs

I use my RV range daily and it has taken a beating over the last six years. The knobs in particular have given me a hard time. They are made of lightweight plastic. I lost one a few years ago and another one gave out a few months ago, leaving me with just one working knob for three burners.

I tried to find replacement knobs at Camping World and RV part stores, but the best anyone could do was order some in and I wasn’t in the location long enough for that to be a good option. Forget ordering them online; with shipping I was looking at something like $100 for three pieces of plastic!

My engineer friend L had a much better solution. He went to a city dump and pulled an assortment of knobs off of barbecues and stoves.

When he arrived here for his visit, he tried to fit each of the knobs to the stems on my stove until he found a close match. The holes in the knobs were a little too small, so he carefully drilled them out so that they would fit. That was imprecise and some were a little loose, so he added a little paper to the hole to provide a tighter fit on the stem.

This week, I picked up some Gorilla glue and put a tiny amount in each knob hole. Gorilla glue turns into a hard foam, so when the glue was almost dry, I put the knobs back on the stove to get the shape of the stem, pulled the knobs off, and let them dry. End result, knobs with holes that perfectly fit my stove!


The new knobs look so much better than did the old ones and are at least as easy to manipulate. They only have one line on them, which means the stove is off when it’s at the 12 o’clock position, but I’m learning to gauge the height of the flame by the line’s other positions rather than attempting to put a medium and low marker on the knobs as well.

I love having three working knobs again and, really, these look so much better than did the old ones. Thanks again, L!

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  • It pays to know an engineer! 😉

  • Yeah. I love how Atwood runs out if parts. They said my sparker on my 2007 isn’t made anymore. I have a hard time believing they make any changes year to year other than to try and make you buy a new stove. They all look alike!

  • Glad it worked out. I’m wondering if they will melt when you use the oven?

  • Brent, eBay! 😀

    L, so far so good with the oven use; they barely get warm!

  • Whatever it takes to get the job done!

  • Whatever it take to get the job done!

  • Congrats on the knobs. I love using my oven and would be hard pressed to gauge the heat without the marks. Good luck with that and thank goodness for L. You’ll have to make a ‘to do’ list for his future visits… 🙂

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