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Colonial Williamsburg, Part Eight: The Museums

This is the final part about my tour of Colonial Williamsburg.
From the weaver, I returned to the 21st century and headed across busy streets to visit the museums.

The museums are housed in two buildings and are perhaps a bit of a misnomer. Each ‘museum’ is a gallery of themed artifacts contained within one main building. It’s really well done, with which museum having its own look and feel, avoiding that hodge podge, we threw together whatever we had, type of feel.

You could easily spend half a day or even more at the museums. I was exhausted and famished by the time I got to them, so I did not spend a lot of time in exhibits that did not interest me.

I had thought to grab a period dinner at one of the taverns, but you need to reserve and by the time I learned this, I could not have had dinner before 8PM. Moreover, the choices were unappealing and quite expensive. I’ve had much more authentic period meals before (I’m still traumatized by the 13th-century lettuce soup I ate 15 years ago) so I didn’t mind missing this step. I had also considered going on a ghost walk, but it was $12 extra and my day had been plenty full.

It was dusk when I came out of the museums. On the way to the bus stop I hesitated between heading home or checking out the shopping district, but it was getting to be so cold and dark that that option wasn’t appealing in the least. The bus arrived quickly and that settled it for me. I got back to my truck at about 6PM, a full nine hours after I had parked!

I had a wonderful day in Colonial Williamsburg. The town is worth a visit!

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  • Wow Rae!
    I have always wanted to go to Colonial Williamsburg. Your review is outstanding & your pictures are beautiful. I’ll be reviewing those again.
    You put alot of work & time went into your posts.
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Thanks, Vicki!

    Your comments makes me feel like all that time was worthwhile! I hope you get a choice to go to Colonial Williamsburg one day.

  • Thank you for taking us with you on your visit!

  • Thanks for reading!

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