Checking Out Port Aransas

Thursday promised to be grey, not the best weather to go out gallivanting, but off I did go, leaving around 8AM. I got fuel and then drove straight to Aranasas Pass to catch the free ferry to Port Aransas.

One of the goals of this trip was to see what it would be like in an RV and to scope out the boondocking spots. I’d already made the decision not to move Miranda there, but I wanted to know what I would be missing.

The ferry was very tight. I did see a ginormous fiver come off the ferry ahead of me, but I would not feel comfortable taking my rig on there as there is zero room for error.

Port Aransas is bigger than I thought it would be and full of colourful unique storefronts (see the gallery below). First stop was the Marine Science Institute, where there are a few free displays. They sometimes have free educational lectures and movies, too.

I met a wonderful lady traveling from Minnesota. We gabbed for ages and she was delighted that I’ve been through her state a few times and could easily point out her town on a map. We talked a little about my travels and she asked me if I’d ever been to Alaska, wondering how hard it is to get there. I explained that the Alaska Highway is super easy to drive and that there’s no need to over prepare to go north. She actually took some notes. I hope she gets up there some day!

Next, I came upon one of the many RV boondocking beaches in the area. You need to pay to boondock and you can only stay three nights out of every three weeks.

I drove out to another beach south of town. Both locations were lovely, but the ground was very soft and the tides more likely to come up very high. I really don’t feel like I’m making a mistake not detouring to Port Aransas to boondock, but I’m glad I checked it out.

I’d asked S for a lunch recommendation and she told me to try the pizza at The Gaff, so that’s where I went. Woah, what a place… It’s a shack (and that’s a kind way of putting it) with a pirate theme. It didn’t feel too clean and I’m not convinced the pizza maker washed her hands once between everything she was doing. That said, the experience was worth it and the pizza not bad! I was only able to eat a couple of slices and I took the rest with me. I knew it wouldn’t survive the trip to Harlingen, what with the truck sitting in the sun, but I was able to snack on another couple of slices and found that this is a pizza that’s best served lukewarm. I loved the sauce and cheese, the crust was so-so. The server had just started working there and had everything under control. We had a nice chat and she said that I should come on a Saturday night when they have beltsander races! I would never have tried this place had it not been recommended to me and I’m so glad I did!

It was coming on to 1:00 when I came out from lunch, so it was time to move on. Next stop, Corpus Christi.

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  • Guess what, that big rain storm you had a couple of days ago is now a mega SNOW storm up here in Ontario and points east! They are saying 2 and a half feet of snow in Boston.

    Very interesting day for you yesterday and yes Good Luck with the border and the dentist!

    Keep safe.

  • You missed the National Seashore at the other end of the Island. There is also a state park.

  • When we took our RV on the Port Aransas ferry they guided us very specifically. No problem.

  • We went on that ferry as well and they change the number of lanes depending what size vehicles they have on board. It was very easy.

  • Croft, that makes sense! It didn’t occur to me that they would do that.

  • Thanks for chiming in, Linda. Glad to know it wouldn’t have been a big deal after all.

  • longdog, I ran out of daylight! I know I missed something special there, but you can’t see everything.

    If my budget holds, I am thinking of doing a day trip there at the end of the month or the beginning of March, however.

  • Norma, I keep hearing about that snow. I’m trying not to laugh. 😀

  • Glad to hear that you have finally found the problem!! I guess you have a new item for your job list/jar, replace that *##** no. 12/14 wire with a larger one!! Off the top of my hear i think you probably qill nee a #6 wire. Your electrical referance that you were reading should hrlp you with the correct sizing.
    Best of luck

  • Ken, when I end up tracing that dang small wire all the way to my electrical box, it’s going to be replaced by no smaller than #4! But I’m a long way from there yet.

  • […] to spend one additional week here and leave around the 14th of March. I’ve seen some of the other boondocking opportunities along the coast and I just don’t see any point in moving. Expenses here are super low, I have a full social […]

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