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Cheap(er) Gas in Dawson City

AFD (Alberta Fuel Distribution) has opened up a cardlock station in Dawson’s Callison subdivision. Its prices beat that of the other cardlock station, Mackenzie, by a lot. Today, gas at Mackenzie was 1.33/litre. I paid 1.16/litre at AFD. My 35 litres would have cost me $46.55 at Mackenzie and only cost me $40.60 at AFD, for a savings of $5.95! Imagine if I’d been filling Miranda’s 200L tank!

Since a cardlock station is unmanned, there are a few hoops to go through. At AFD, I had to pull up to the gas pump and then go inside to the control panel. There, I swiped my credit card and had to read several screens worth of safety information. That done, the machine spit out a receipt with a code on it. This code will enable me to by-pass the safety information spiel next time. I then had to reswipe my card to activate the pump then head to the car. There, I put the nozzle in the tank, pulled a button, and fueled up. The pumps are fast! I then shut off the pump, went back inside, swiped my card a third time, and got a receipt (optional step).

The savings definitely made all the hoops worth jumping through!

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  • Sounds very nice and streamlined, even with the extra hoops. In California they had machines at the pump to except cash instead of having to go inside the station. In Texas, we don’t have those, at least in my area, and I MISS them. One of the few things I do miss from California.

  • That’s a lot of running in and out. About as bad as a Flying J Truck Stop!

  • Most stations in Canada are now of the pay-at-the-pump variety, but there is an attendant on site. Cardlock stations are completely unmanned, hence the extra hoops!

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