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Jan 5, 2013 -

A Vision Coming To Pass

I’m still planning to leave Hampton Roads tomorrow even though the weather isn’t going to be super great. I’m finishing up a couple of projects today and will be doing laundry this afternoon. I’ve got maybe 15 minutes of packing to do in here, if that.

Tomorrow, I need to put the propane tank in the truck, fill the fresh water tank, unplug, and back out of here without impeding traffic too badly. That’s really going to be the hardest part since traffic here is crazy. My friend is going to stand in the road and give me the all clear signal and then I need to be quick and decisive. Next time I come, I am definitely going to arrive later in the day and back in.

I’m looking forward to getting to a drier climate. It has been mostly sunny here, but still quite humid and I’m seeing a little bit of mould starting in the cab along the window frames and the loft windows have been condensating really badly.

I took the giant sheet of styrofoam and cut it down to fit snugly inside the big window and the passenger side window against which my pillow rest with the hope that that will cut down on some of the condensation. Plus, it gives me a bit of a barrier between the wall and my head and means not waking up with soggy pillows in the morning.

While I plan to set off at a leisurely place, I am going to be choosy about the places I will be exploring in the next few weeks. It would be tempting to stop to visit Charlotte and Atlanta for a day, for example, but those cities just don’t interest me.

I learned during my month in Scotland that you really can’t see everything and if you try to, you could end up seeing things you would have gladly missed (glaring at you Aviemore) and missing things on your list (Aberdeen). So I’ve got a pretty good idea of the route I’ll be taking to the Texas gulf coast and have decided that I probably won’t be doing more than one night in a place until I get to the New Orleans area, and there I might spend a few days and do road trips. New Orleans! Finally!

I already know where I’ll be landing near New Orleans as well as in Texas and have a good idea of where I’ll be overnighting in between. I’m starting to find that a more structured route plan is better than my old method of setting off and seeing where the day will take me. I can make educated choices about where to overnight and get an idea of the sights I might want to see along the way.

Tomorrow, my RVing life as I first dreamed of it is finally going to start, nearly four and a half years after I conceived it. I’ve kept a quote on my desktop all this time and today rather than inspiring me, it makes me want to whoop at the top of my lungs!

Those kinds of dreams cannot be found, brave [one]. You have to build them. And I promise you, your hands are still strong and there is plenty of time.

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Dec 13, 2012 -

Visual Aids Help

I’m planning my next leg of travel and trying to figure out how many states I haven’t been to yet (11) that I can fit into my itinerary. I used a visited states map generator to create a map of the unvisited states:


Looking at this map, it becomes very obvious that with a few detours and a convoluted route, I could easily end my winter with only Hawaii and Ohio left to visit.

As for my next stop, the next big city on my way to the Gulf Coast is Atlanta, but I have zero interest in going there. So I am going to detour into that skinny blue state on the east and spend some time in Nashville! Once I have a better idea of my departure date, I am going to attempt to book a ticket for the Grand Ole Opry. What a dream come true!

I think from there I will go through Alabama (tall skinny yellow), Mississipi (tall skinny red), and Louisiana (purple). Once I park in Texas (green), I can take my truck to visit Arkansas (middle yellow) and Oklahoma (red that looks like a pot). I can then head back to Canada through New Mexico (yellow square) and Utah (blue square).

I am glad that insurance matters are resolved and that there is no burning need now for me to go to Ohio and sue anyone! So I have no idea when I will make it there.

As for Hawaii, it’s like Nunavut (except that they are opposites). I’m not sure I want to get on a plane just to say I’ve been somewhere that otherwise doesn’t hold much interest.

I don’t know yet when I’m pulling out, probably the week between Christmas and New Years. I’m waiting for my glasses and I also need to get new house batteries in before I leave.

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Nov 9, 2012 -

Winding Down

With just a few days left before my departure from Quebec, it seems like I’m busier than ever!

Yesterday, Thursday, I took most of the day off to spend time with my middle nephew, S, who turned five on Tuesday. Since his brother got a birthday outing, it made sense for S to get one, too. He likes going to the movies, so we went to see Wreck-It-Ralph (in French). It was the perfect choice for the two of us. S loves playing video games and the movie features a bunch of classic games, like Tapper, that I used to play as a child so I got hit with a bit of nostalgia. I splurged on both the 3D showing and the Wreck-It-Ralph snack kit, so S got a reusable cup and Ralph figurine as a souvenir. I was impressed that S knew that he needed to recycle his 3D glasses after!

After dropping him off, I decided to have dinner at Harvey’s one last time. Harvey’s is the best burger chain, featuring charbroiled patties and a counter where you can watch the servers add the toppings you want. I always get their veggie burger (mustard, relish, lots of tomato) with onion rings. The chain is starting pop up all over the country, but they are concentrated between Montreal and Ottawa. Since I won’t be back this way for a while, savouring one last Harvey’s burger was on my list!

Tonight, we went to my sister’s to celebrate S’s birthday as a family. My brother-in-law expressed disappointment that I’m leaving when the kids are getting so attached to me. Agreed, but even if I could return to a settled life, living in Quebec again is not an option. There’s no sense flogging that horse anymore or whatever the clich√© is.

The schedule for the next few days is a little tight. I’m going to my sister’s in Sherbrooke for dinner tomorrow evening. I have plans with cousins on my dad’s side of the family Sunday. Monday is supposed to be a real gift, sunny and plus 15, so I need to do all my exterior prep on the rig. I called the shop this afternoon to ask if I can drop my truck off on Monday rather than first thing Tuesday. Definitely. I’m also going to bring them the tow bar instructions because there are some implications for the electrical setup.

As it turns out, I won’t be able to pick up the truck on Tuesday evening as the estimate is that it will take all day to get the base plate on. So I am expected first thing on Wednesday with the RV so that we have plenty of time to make sure I’m hooked up properly. I therefore need to reassess when I’ll be going out for propane, gas, and dumping, but I will probably be leaving directly from the shop on Wednesday. I only have 300km or so to do to Saratoga, so even a noon start out time and a couple of hours at the border would allow me to arrive at a reasonable hour, albeit in the dark. But that’s fine since I’ll be heading somewhere I’ve been before. Looking at the forecast for the next week or so, it seems that I’ll be leaving in perfect weather, so I don’t want to miss that window. I’d really rather just have a crazy hectic day on Wednesday and wake up across the border on Thursday.

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