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Aug 3, 2012 -

A Small Rattle Can’t Be a Big Deal; Right?

I really debated whether or not to share this information and I decided to do so to avoid having to put in a lot of back story later, once I have all the necessary information and decisions are made.

Driving back from Wakefield on Wednesday evening, I began to hear a strange rattle from the engine compartment of the truck. Besides that, everything was normal. Nothing was overheating, no gauges were lighting up, the noise would come and go.

First thing Thursday, I took the truck into a Ford dealership and they immediately took it in for a look. The mechanic took Moya for a long road test until he could reproduce the noise. He then took me along and repeated the exercise to make sure we were hearing the same thing, which we were.

His diagnosis: a bad bearing in the engine and my trucks needs a new motor!!!!!!!!!!!

He also noted that the truck was missing about a quart of oil, so he added some and the noise has not come back since; the drive home from Montreal was uneventful. So I am definitely going to get a second opinion.

My warranty on the truck could cover a new engine, which would be awesome, but I bet there’s fine print. If not, I would still go ahead with a replacement. The mechanic said that if Moya was his truck, he wouldn’t hesitate. I paid peanuts for her and she’s otherwise in great shape, so this would be a much cheaper option than going for another truck.

He thinks I can get the new engine put in for about $2,000, which would still put my total expenditure for this truck well within the price range for a 2000 Ford Ranger. The next most expensive repair would be a tranmission, and that’s not a likely expenditure on a manual vehicle. He also said that based on the level of noise, there’s no rush at this point to get a new engine in and that I could probably make it all the way back to Alberta without incident. So his suggestion is to check if the warranty will cover the engine. If not, get roadside assistance in case my engine blows and start saving up money. I would definitely investigate having this repair done in the States if I had to pay out of pocket.

So that’s the latest excitement in my life. Never a dull moment.

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Jul 23, 2012 -

I’m Losing My Mind

When I bought my new toad, it was sold as a two-door super cab model. Donna and Ken remember it as a two-door super cab model. Every time I had to put something into the back of the cab, I looked and looked and looked around the area wishing doors into it would materialize. When my mother crawled into the bucket seats in the back of the cab, she double checked that it was, indeed a two-door model and that there was no other way into the back.

So how do I explain this discovery yesterday?

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Jul 16, 2012 -

Replacing the Tailgate Handle in my 2000 Ford Ranger

My biggest complaint with the operation of my Ranger was that the tailgate was a pain to open. Eventually, I couldn’t open it at all. This is why:

After researching the cost of a used and new tailgate handle for my 2000 Ranger, I decided to order one from eBay seller directauto. The new tailgate handle cost me peanuts and arrived today. It is not a Ford part, but it appears to be just as robust and it fits perfectly.

I used the following video as a guide for installation:

The only thing I can add to that video is to have a pair of pliers on hand to grab your nuts if you drop them. Otherwise, installation was just that easy. The hardest part was finding the right screwdriver bit for removing the tailgate cover screws and then for the nuts holding the handle assembly.

I can’t believe the difference a little grease, WD-40, and a new handle makes! My tailgate now opens effortlessly.

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