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Feb 26, 2013 -


I had some trouble finding the low side port for my Ford Ranger’s AC system as it was not the super obvious one right by the compressor. Thank goodness for YouTube!

I emptied the can in while running Max AC full blast, but that did not convince the compressor to come back to life. So no toad AC for me as I have much more pressing things to spend money on. 🙁

I did succeed in using my new socket wrench set to disconnect the battery and turn off the check engine light (although I had to do it twice since 10 seconds wasn’t long enough). Here’s a tip: regularly checking the oil in your vehicle is a good idea. Forgetting to put the cap back on the oil port is not. 🙂


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Feb 25, 2013 -

Getting the Mail

After putting in a few hours of work on my book this morning, I headed out to the post office where a new battery for my cell phone was awaiting me.

The cell phone has pretty much been dead for weeks, but it took me a while to concede this fact even though the phone will randomly turn off even when it is plugged into a power source. I found a genuine Verizon battery on Amazon for just under $7 with free shipping from a well rated seller. The new battery’s arrival could not have been timed better because the phone shut off late this morning and refused to turn back on!

To my surprise, my O’Reilly’s gift card had also arrived! Walmart didn’t have any refrigerant for vehicle ACs, so I headed to O’Reilly’s to see if they carried such a thing, which they did. Since I’m not sure that adding refrigerant will actually start my compressor, I bought the cheapest kit they had, which was about $20 and included a hose but no gauge.

Next, I moseyed over to the tools to look for a socket wrench kit. Everything on display was way more expensive than I was willing to pay ($50 to several hundred dollars). I crouched down to see what was on the bottom shelf, knowing from my days in retail that you can find very good deals near the floor, and I emerged with this:



It’s a 57 piece set with both metric and imperial sockets. Not the best quality, but should serve me well for the little amount I will use it, and was just $20.

I wasn’t even tempted to have lunch in Port Lavaca since I had my lunch all planned out even before I headed out:


(Lightly seasoned black refried beans, tomato, avocado, a squirt of lime juice over a grilled tortilla.)

It is scary windy out there right now, so I’m staying in, putting as much weight as I can on the passenger side (JOKING), and will wait patiently to see if the can of refrigerant helps my truck at all. As for the socket wrench set, I will be using it to disconnect my truck battery to reset the check engine light. I know why the light went on and the issue was resolved, so there’s no point having it on the dash mocking me. 🙂

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Feb 20, 2013 -

Errand Day

I awoke to a very grey and heavy sky, a good day to go for a drive, even a short one into town, to charge the laptop in the truck. My PayPal transfer had finally landed in my inbox, so a Walmart run was definitely in order. The couple of times I’ve gone into town lately with L as well as with S&B, I was able to duck into Walmart for a few things, but I was due for a proper grocery.

Another thing on my Walmart list was motor oil, but I decided to wait to get some and just go get an oil change even though the budget is super tight. I forgot that US prices for such things are reasonable, so an oil change wound up being just $33. Woohoo! They even vacuumed the cab for that price, a nice perk.

I picked up something interesting in the produce aisle, so I now have to Google “How to cook cactus but first, how the hell do I get rid of the spines on the dang thing?!” I will report back on this.

The beach gang is heading down to the saloon for happy hour tonight, so that will be a fun mid-week activity. I may learn how to play shuffle board….

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