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Mar 24, 2011 -

Heading Inland

I have been blessed with three solid days of sun on the Oregon coast! I woke each day to heavy rain that would stop just as soon as I was ready to head out for the day. Much appreciated! I just hate that I’m so behind in my posts. 🙁

Yesterday was maintenance day for Miranda. There’s a quick-lube place on the road into Florence and I stopped in to ask if they could take Miranda, but they said no, worried that their bays wouldn’t be big enough (I knew they’d be fine). They referred me to Florence RV, at the north end of town along highway 101. So, I headed there first thing yesterday to see if they could squeeze me in for an oil change and I was told to come in any time before one.

So, around one I pulled out of the casino lot with just Miranda. I took on a full tank of fuel first and then rolled into Florence RV. I had a short wait and then the tech moved Miranda into the bay himself. The reason: they don’t have service wells, so she had to be driven up onto very short and steep ramps! I’m not sure I could have done that without overshooting!

All she needed was a basic oil change (no filter) and air in the tires. Total for the oil change was just $75!!! That’s what I pay for my car in Canada! I also picked up a new regulator ($28) for my on board propane tank. Unfortunately, the part has changed and is now longer, so there will be some pipe cutting to be done to fit it in. Simple projects never are with me! I may end up bartering the installation for beer should I find a good candidate. 🙂

The service tech backed Miranda off the ramps, but let me back her out of the bay. He thought he was guiding me around the various obstacles, but I don’t do well translating flailing arms with what I need to do, so I was actually focused on my mirrors. 🙂

I had mixed feelings about having work done at Florence RV. On the one hand, staff was courteous and knowledgeable, on the other the office was filthy and filled with parts for sale that were probably thirty years old. I only bought the regulator because it was one of the few shiny and obviously recent pieces of equipment they offered. The place served its need for yesterday, but I’d be depressed if it was the only RV place available to me.

I had thought to go to a dump station, too, but there wasn’t a convenient one nearby with potable water. I’m not desperate yet, so I’ll hold off a bit. I have to say that what I miss most while boondocking is a looooong hot shower every night!

Propane levels were also not low enough to consider filling in Florence, so I just headed back to the casino and parked Miranda in a flatter spot that will be easier to pull out of with the toad.

Today, I’ll be heading heading back to Eugene and up I-5. I’m aiming to leave around noon and have a leisurely four and a half to five and a half hour drive ahead of me. With the days being so much longer already, I don’t see any reason to pull in too soon to a purely overnighting spot.

My batteries are holding up splendidly. I’ve now done a full week on them and have never reached evening without them being at at least 13.0 voltage, even in overcast conditions. I have been conscious in my electricity consumption in the evening, but have not scrimped. I think I could do this indefinitely!

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Mar 6, 2011 -

Rescue Tape to the… Rescue

The non-repair of the fresh water intake has lasted as long as it could, but it’s no longer satisfactory. While perusing Andy Baird’s Eureka, I discovered a product that could make that non-repair last longer and save me the trouble of running a new line in a very tight space, Rescue Tape, a self-sealing silicone tape. I found a roll at Ace Hardware this afternoon while looking for supplies for another project.

It’s not pretty, but the leak is gone. Now that I’m going to be living off my fresh water tank more and more, a proper fix was imperative and this was just too easy. Let’s see if this lasts. 🙂

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Feb 9, 2011 -

Journey to the Mothership

This morning, I awoke with a shock around 4, the enormity of yesterday’s events and the gamble I took finally making a full impact.

If I’d been turned away at the border yesterday, that would have been it for me regarding the US. Good luck ever coming in again, even for a day trip. But I did make it in for an extended period of time, with my rig, and as a pre-retirement age full-time RVer with no stable source of income. I set one hell of a precedent. Next time I want to go in under similar circumstances I can say that the folks in Sumas, WA, felt that I posed no threat and also proffer the paperwork yesterday’s agents told me to have on hand for future crossings. I opened the gateway to future American adventures and suddenly started a new chapter in my full-timing life. I expect that border crossings will always be difficult, at least until I retire, but this precedent is an excellent step for me and a good note on my file.

So, I awoke to the smell of the sea, bright blue skies, and a radiant sun.

I’ll pause here to say that I’m within Blaine city limits, about fifteen minutes from Pacific Border RV Park. I spent four months living on the border with Blaine and never once set foot in the town! Kind of funny in a way.

For the first time in months, I bounced out of bed. I hadn’t realised how much my fear of crossing the border with the rig had been weighing me down. I spent the morning puttering around, walked to beach, and fiddled with my fresh water hook ups; not managing to get a leak-free set up.

Being forty-five minutes away from Camping World and having never been there, I decided it was time to go!!! I hit the road around two, enjoying the drive down I-5. It reminded me of being in coastal Maine, except that the ocean was on the wrong side.

Camping World was awesome!!! Sure, it has a lot of the crappy products you can find at Canadian Tire and Walmart, but they also had better quality options, plus tons of gadgets. I found a much higher grade of water hose, but, like all water hoses, it had crappy fittings. I ended up stopping at True Value on the way home and getting better fittings, which were easy to install. I also found the fluorescent bulbs that I needed for the light fixture under my sink, something I have been hunting for for months. I’ve missed it so much!

I got in and installed my new water system: house-grade pressure regulator, brass quick connect, new hose, and a new high-grade washer at the city water intake on the rig. For the first time in two and a half years I hooked up my water and did not have to swear! Hooking up fresh water has always been the most onerous part of RVing and it is now much easier.

Tomorrow, I will make it a point to go for a long walk with my camera. I picked a great spot to hole up for a month!

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