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Apr 28, 2013 -

All the Gruesome Details

Warning, this post contains GROSS photos below the video. Proceed at your own risk!

I was not able to get video of the damage, but I do have pictures. Again, these are GROSS.










So as you can see, the pipe that goes straight down into the tank as well as the top of the tank are all melted away. The tank is not patchable or usable.

Now, even if I found an RV shop that had the right tank in stock (not likely; research tells me this is a order it and get it in a couple of weeks type of product as there are too many to keep a selection in stock), it’s one more expense that I am going to struggle to cover cover. And that’s the subject of my next post.

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Apr 28, 2013 -

The Situation Goes From Bad to Much, Much, Much, Much Worse

L is in the process of repairing the grey water line. Not a problem, that’s going well. There is a but coming.

All that time under the rig has enabled him to get his bearings and he was able to find proof that the blowout caused the exhaust pipe problem because there are skid marks on the bottom of the black water tank.

And not only that… the heat wicked up the top of the black water tank and there is a fist-sized hole in the very top of it.

I think I’ve earned the right to go cry now. I don’t think I even need an estimate on what it’s going to cost to pull and replace my black tank to warrant shedding a few (lots of) tears because we all know it’s going to be beaucoup bucks.

I’m so depressed.

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Mar 19, 2013 -

A Different Sort of Boondocking

Today, I start boondocking in HOT weather. Thankfully, there is a nice breeze, so with the cross ventilation and roof hatches open, the rig is comfortable. The cats are fine and I put an ice cube in their water, which Neelix in particular appreciates (lick, lick, lick, lick).

It was a busy morning. I got up late (8:00), so by the time coffee and morning tasks were done, it was almost 9:00. I cleaned out the shoe cupboard, a task I didn’t feel capable of taking on yesterday. Then, I hauled out the crazy long garden hose and the tank wand washer to clean out the black tank. Then, I recleaned the toilet room. Note to self, hose down the tank BEFORE cleaning the toilet room! By the time all that was done and the rig was packed, it was about 11:30, so I headed up the hill where Teri was already waiting for me.

Here’s the rig in the FHU pull-thru spot:




You exit by driving over the grass. The spots are level!

I keep forgetting to show a repair I did to Miranda while on the beach. During my summer in Lethbridge (yes, almost two years ago already!) I broke the catch for the wet bay door.

One of the reasons I was so slow to replace it is that I knew I’d need putty to do it. When I picked up putty for the new window frame, I got a two-pack of catches at the same time.

So to recap, I broke the catch in 2011, bought a replacement a full year later in 2012, and replaced it about nine months after that in 2013. I tend not to do projects until they become pressing. 🙂

It was actually a difficult repair since I couldn’t reuse the existing screw holes but still had to position the catch to hold the door without impeding its opening all the while covering the existing screw holes. I also had to psych myself into making holes into the shell, even if they are well sealed. I used way more putty than necessary!


Now here’s the rig in the dry camping spot on the edge of a HUGE open field:



Teri was great about making sure I was happy with my spot. My requirements were full sun for the solar panel, nosing in so that my view in the back is the field, and a clear view from the office window. The spot she originally planned for me met none of those criteria.

The downside to this spot is that I had to put the passenger side on levelers and if it rains more than 1/2 inch, I have to move to a different location as this area will get very mushy. I was not put at the other location because it’s right by a busy road and the pads are super not level. I’m thus far happy with the spot, but suspect that I may need to back up a little to keep the solar panel happy.

For $5, I can use the laundry facilities ($1.50 to wash, $1.00 to dry; very reasonable) and the garbage dumpster. I am also allowed to run the engine if I need to (quiet generators are also okay). I have paid for 10 nights up front, so I’m definitely here till at least the 28th at noon.

I don’t know yet when I’ll be going into San Antonio. I have a social engagement Thursday and will likely be busy  tomorrow, so perhaps Friday. I can’t wait to see the Alamo!

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