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May 12, 2012 -

Photos of the Motorhome Axle Repair

I took these shots of the motorhome axle repair when I got in last night:

I’m having a sloooooooooow morning. It’s 10. I was awake around 7 and spent a full two hours cuddling with Bitha and Nee in bed. I don’t know what I’d do if I did have them with me at times like these. They can really sense my mood and go into protective mode.

I’m still irked that the motorhome isn’t level, but I was able to make breakfast, so I feel better knowing that I can cook. Sitting at the desk isn’t really an option, but I’m comfortable propped up on the bed in the back. I have a couple of projects that I can do on the computer without having my full office set up, so I may just do that today unless I suddenly get an urge to go do something. Right now, I’m very content being at home in my jammies, drinking the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a week (better than Starbucks!), listening to Neeboo purr.

I found a dump station about 14 miles south of here, so I will be going out this weekend to scout it. If it’s open, it’ll be the perfect place to take Miranda for a test drive. I’ll be really glad to get some water in the onboard tank since I ran out the day after the accident.

I can’t believe it’s May 12th. At this time today, I was supposed to be in Maryland or even Delaware, heading north.

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Jun 15, 2010 -

Level Headed

The topic du jour at the Escapees forum is electric levelers. This is what I had to say:

I have a class C without levelers. Leveling for me involves parking in as flat a spot as possible and then going inside to see where I’m tilting. I then eyeball how many levelers I might need (mine are wood and custom made by the previous-previous owner). I drive onto the levelers, then go back into see how I’m doing. Come back out and make adjustments (which usually involves kneeling in mud). Back, forth, up down, ha, perfect! Then when I get ready to leave I have to drive off and pick up the levelers (usually buried in mud or frozen to the ground). Sometimes the ground is so soft the levelers on the passenger side jump up and jam against my exhaust pipe. Once I have the levelers in hand (and am covered in mud), I have to put them away. They take up a whole compartment and become a home for spiders and other critters, so pulling them out is always an adventure.

Needless to say, my next rig will be one that has electric levelers. When I hit the road, I thought those things were frivolous. I was so naïve (and much less mud splattered).

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