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Feb 16, 2013 -

2036 Hours and All Is Well

I got home to 12.5V and 0.5 going out. Very normal readings. I may actually be able to sleep tonight. L and I think that I had the great misfortune of checking the monitor when the fridge was cycling on.

Speaking of the fridge, I woke up to it being 3.5 degrees Celsius warmer than I normally keep it (4.5 versus 1), which is on the high side of okay, since it had shut off due to low voltage. I restarted the fridge once the batteries were topped up, but the temperature was veeeeeeery slow to drop. It’s now 2.8 after being at 3.5 when I left an hour ago, so it is steadily going down. But it just goes to show how long it takes for a fridge to cool down and how little time it takes for it to warm up. I’m glad I have my thermometres now.

L and I had a nice time at the saloon reminiscing about our travels in Yukon, Alaska, Manitoba, and Scotland. It’s always nice to meet an American who is so well traveled in Canada (he’s been to every province plus Yukon). We are both annoyed that the saloon allows smokers, so we’re both pretty smelly right now. I’m due for laundry anyway. 🙂

I’m beyond exhausted but willing to concede that it is way too early for bed so I’m going to shut down everything, put on a movie, and let my batteries sit for a couple more hours. Da da da dum.

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Feb 16, 2013 -

Phantom Draw

Night has fallen.

With everything off but the fridge, I am drawing 1.0A. Normal is 0.5A. So in the 13 hours between no solar charging whatsoever and charging starting again, I will go from losing 6.5 to 13A. Not a huge deal, that’s only 1% battery capacity. But where is that phantom draw coming from? Perhaps my truck battery that mysteriously has the exact same voltage as my house batteries?

We’ll know more in the morning. L and I are going down to the saloon for a few beers and I’ll see where things are after a few hours of nothing but the fridge running.

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Feb 16, 2013 -

Appendages Crossed

The correct solenoid is in.

While pulling out the old one this morning, the guys wondered if there might have been a problem with the grounding. Lo and behold, the continuous duty solenoid had an extra connection for ground. Hmm…

We installed the starter solenoid at the same time of day in the same type of conditions. When I started the engine, I saw zip on any of my voltmetres. With the continuous duty solenoid, the voltage increased by 0.02. Curious.

I am going to try to stay up later tonight to keep an eye on my battery monitor for a bit and see if the mysterious draw comes up again.

The Walmart run let me replenish my stock of beer, so we had a few cold ones after the installation. I’d bought Lonestar, ‘The National Beer of Texas’, which is tastier and cheaper than Budweiser and the perfect thing to soothe a throat parched by an unrelenting white hot winter Texan sun.

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