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Dec 15, 2011 -

I Hate a Mystery*

Last Thursday afternoon, I went to start the car to find that the battery was dead. Odd; it hadn’t been that cold out the night before. I tried to charge it on the Friday, but the charger wouldn’t even recognize it was hooked up to a battery. I literally have not had the time or energy to deal with the issue, plus I haven’t really needed the car, so I let it sit for a bit. Yesterday, I mentioned to my maintenance guy that I was having trouble. He asked me for my keys and to stay away from the car for an hour. When I went to check it, it was running fine and the charger said the battery was at 100%. My maintenance guy suggested I go have the battery load tested.

Well, I went to the car this afternoon and the battery was discharged again! I obviously had a bad battery or a phantom draw. And that’s when the solution hit me. On Thursday last, I went into the car after the staff party and turned on the overhead light. I turned it back off again… or so I thought. It turns out that even though the light was off and the button appeared to be at the ‘door’ setting, it hadn’t actually switched over!

A tenant gave me a boost and recommended the same battery place. Since the load test was free, I had the battery checked out just to be doubly sure, and yeah. Everything’s fine!

*(with credit to Hal Dresner for the title of this post)

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May 12, 2011 -

The Deed is Done

I think that only an RVer can appreciate how much work is needed to pull out of a spot just to go dump. I was completely packed up, unplugged, and fed by 5:30. Jody had said she’d arrive ‘sometime after six’ so I curled up in the back with a novel and my two kitties to wait. She arrived around 6:15 and with very little fanfare helped me out of my spot. I then headed downtown on nearly clear roads. I love driving the rig by itself!

The dump station at the Chinkook Travel Centre was super easy to get into. It’s not a bad setup, but their dumps are about three inches off the ground so waste can back up the hose which was to be an issue…

I went into the rig to flush with clean water, misjudged my angle of approach with the jug, and ended up having to mop up two inches of clean water off the toilet room floor. But at least the black tank was empty! And my floor is clean!

I then went out to flush the grey. Before I could do that, I somehow dislodged the hose from the piece that screws onto the motorhome and, wham, I had a small mess on my hands because the hose was still full, and no hose handy for rinsing except for my white one! I decided to deal with the sewer hose first, screwing it back onto the connector properly, and then I spent about five minutes guiding the contents down towards the dump. Once the hose was empty I pulled on the grey valve to flush and that happened uneventfully. This was by far the worst dump I’ve done since Kapuskasing!

Thanking my lucky stars that I had no witnesses (at least, I hope), I moved the rig ahead away from the mess and spent about ten minutes washing the pad clean with gallon after gallon of fresh water. Satisfied that all was good, I packed up and headed back to Jody and Gary’s arriving around 7:30. I’d been gone only an hour!

Jody and I had a little snack and gab while waiting for Gary to come home. When he did, he wasted no time getting me settled back in. Since we wanted Miranda in the exact spot I was in two hours previously and there were tire ruts to guide us it was very easy to get me back in. We set up my porch and then I reconnected everything.

Neelix was unimpressed by this exercise. Soon as we pulled in front of the house to park and wait for Gary he did his little “Mom!” meow as though to say “Wait, we were just here!” Tabitha seems to have napped during the whole event, though.

Well, it’s been a day I’ve been dreading, but it’s done and I know I won’t have to do this again for another six weeks!

By which point I plan to have mortgaged the rig to buy a macerator pump… 😀


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May 12, 2011 -

Preparing to Pull Out

Well, the dreaded day has arrived: I have to pull out to go dump. Yuck! A macerator has suddenly become a priority, especially since the dump station is 20km round trip!

Jody should be available around 6PM to help me pull out and then both she and Gary should be there around 8PM to help guide me back in. Having help is going to reduce the stress of this a lot. There is plenty of room to manoeuvre, but also lots of opportunity for hitting something. Gary and Jody are RVers themselves and are excellent guides. I’ve had times going into tight spots where no help was better than the help available, but this is not the case here!

I was a bit surprised to discover last night that my gas tank was almost empty! I try to never park with less than a quarter tank of gas, but I guess that all the excitement of arrival day made me forget to check the fuel gauge before parking! Instead of adding a trip to a gas station to tonight’s itinerary I simply added 20L of fuel from a jerry can, which brought me up to nearly a quarter full, so I could easily do 150km. The only gas station on this side of Lethbridge that has sufficient clearance for Miranda would be nightmare to get in and out of, so doing the jerry can thing really made the most sense. I can get a bit more fuel on the other side of town where there will be more options.

I was also going to fill the on board propane tank but decided against it since doing so would double my trip and my 30lber is nowhere near empty. 40km round trip in a motorhome is A LOT of fuel! I have to say that for a city this size, Lethbridge is very propane unfriendly.

Well, I’d better finish packing…

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