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Jun 9, 2008 -

Tiffin ’94 Allegro Bay Review

The coach isn’t a definite ‘no’, but it certainly doesn’t scream ‘buy me, buy me!’ It’s filthy, the carpet needs to go, and the wallpaper is peeling. Otherwise, it seems in fine shape. The single pane windows are the biggest issue I saw. I got some data about the weight, but I’m not sure how much use it will be without having an actual weight for the empty vehicle.

The owner actually let me take it out for a test drive. He was fantastic, giving me little hints and showing complete trust in my potential to drive a 40′ behemoth.

The end result was that I came out looking like a natural!

He took me to a fairly empty industrial area where I was able to practise both left and right hand turns, as well as reversing. Not even ten minutes into the test drive, I found myself facing a right hand turn with lots of traffic coming from the left, with no stop sign on their side. I assessed the various windows of space between the cars and smoothly and confidently turned onto the busy street, accelerating quickly enough that the car behind me didn’t even need to slow down. I’m not ready to face Montreal traffic, but I’m not scared anymore. I can drive a 40′ RV.

Now, I just need to know if I can drive a 40′ RV with a toad. 😀

At any rate, upward and onward. I have a few more candidates to assess!

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