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May 20, 2010 -

iPod Touch Disappointment

I can’t believe it. I just put my new-to-me iPod Touch in a drawer.

What makes the Touch so special is all the ‘apps’ you can put on it. Without them, there isn’t really anything the Touch can do that I can’t do with my classic, albeit in a roundabout way.

I have spent more than seven hours trying to get apps onto my Touch and the end result is that I have to say something to Apple that I never in my life would have thought I’d say to them: you suck. The number of hoops I’ve had to jump through is unfathomable.

This is the short version of the story:

First off, I had to get around the fact that you need wi-fi to use an iPod Touch to its full potential. I was shown how to manage my Touch through iTunes, meaning that I could access the App store from my iMac via my cell connection by-passing my lack of access to wi-fi.

So, I opened iTunes, clicked on the iTunes store, and was told I needed to update iTunes before I could use the store. It was going to use a huge chunk of my monthly bandwidth limit, but okay. Get iTunes updated and then the store tells me that wasn’t good enough, that I need to update Safari, too. I don’t use Safari! Still, I download the update, only to be told I need to update Java, too, which means running a full OS X and security update. Major bandwidth use! And it took forever! And I hate running the latest OS X version because it’s always buggy.

My computer was finally up to date and I was allowed access to the iTunes store login page. I have an account for the US iTunes store, so I tried to use that login info. The login worked just fine, but I couldn’t shop since my billing info is in Canada. So, I tried to create a new account for the Canada store, but Apple would not let me use the same email address as for the US store. I dug through my password files and found what must be, based on the password, an ancient account for the Canadian store. I tried that and was able to access the store.

Next, I browsed for a free app, wanting to get my feet wet before paying for apps. I was not allowed to acquire an app, even a free one, without entering credit card information. My card expires at the end of May, so Apple rejected it. So, until I get my new credit card, I can’t get any apps or do anything fun or cool on my iPod Touch.

My respect for Apple just nose-dived. They are still, of course, infinitely superior to Microsoft, but this was a low blow I would not have expected from a company that markets itself as being ‘plug and play.’ I am very, very disappointed.

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May 18, 2010 -

iPod Touch

I don’t need the newest gadgets, perfectly content to use something until it really doesn’t do what I need it to do. When I bought an 80GB iPod classic a few years ago, it was a huge purchase for me, justified only because the iPod would double as a read-only PDA in addition to being a music and video player.

For about a year now, I’ve been wanting to upgrade to an iPod Touch, which at its simplest, does exactly what my classic did, but with the addition of being able to input things. Moreover, I’ve been wanting an ebook reader and the Touch can be used as such, also, delaying the purchase of another gadget. I also think that it will be super useful on the road, giving me access to my calendar, movie database, and Google Maps, without having to fire up the desktop computer if I forgot to synch it with the laptop.

Last year, the most pressing thing I had to buy was a new laptop, which was a major expenditure. For this year, I decided to leave room in the budget for both an iPod Touch and a new camera. The Touch was the more ‘fun’ of the two purchases, and was also replacing an older piece of equipment, so it got first priority. I’ve been researching and saving for about six months now. After playing with the devices, gathering info from friends, and being talked out of buying an older, basic first generation 8GB Touch by Andy Baird, I was able to narrow my focus and score an incredible deal on a 3rd generation, 32GB model. I had just enough money in my Touch fund to cover it. It’s true; saving up and paying cash for something makes the purchase so much more rewarding!

Well, I’m going to leave my new toy to charge and synch while I go work my evening shift and then I’m going to have some fun at the App store. 😀

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May 18, 2010 -

Out and About

It’s amazing what you can do in a couple of hours on a HOT Dawson afternoon!

I needed to pick up a package in town (more on that in my next post), so I decided to treat myself to lunch, opting for Sourdough Joe’s. The food, while excellent last year, was much improved, especially in the French fry department! I enjoyed a chicken burger made with a real chicken breast as well as sweet dark brown Quebec-style fries. Lunch with tip came to a reasonable $14.

Next, I went to pick up my much anticipated package and then off I went to meet up with my friends G & F, whom I met the day I arrived in Dawson and took to the dump.  We crossed the river on the ferry so they could show me their digs at the hostel. They weren’t happy with their accommodations so I suggested we drive back to Bonanza to speak with the manager to see if she could give them a good deal for their last three weeks here. Of course! That settled, I promised to go pick them up Saturday morning to move them back here and then went back into town to drop them off at the library.

Now, I have a half hour left to play with my new toy. Care to guess what it is? Andy Baird is not allowed to guess, if he’s reading this. 😉

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