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Feb 19, 2013 -

Two Good Electrical Days In a Row

Today is another day with more sun than expected. It’s chilly, but I’m not complaining!

I’m going to have the computer on charge all day since I’m in major backup mode. My MacBook Pro keeps crashing, so complete hard drive failure is imminent. I just need to decide on a new drive and order it; the choices are a little overwhelming. I want to make sure I have several recent Time Machine backups and two different bootable backups. It’s likely way more than I need, but with the current drive being only good for the dump, I want all the chances I can get to be up and running perfectly about four hours from the new drive making it here.

Power right now is at 88% and holding. I’m actually getting 7 to 8A in, so I’m breaking even. The more the batteries are depleted, the more efficiently the alternator charges them, so I’ll wait till about 4PM and then run the engine for a bit to make sure I’m at at least 90% capacity tonight and then I’ll aim for 100% tomorrow.

In other news, R and S from Colorado are back, so a beach party is imminent!

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Feb 18, 2013 -

The Importance of Backups

My Macbook Pro has been a little flaky lately, so I ran disk utility on it early this afternoon. Surprise: the hard drive was in bad shape and needed to be wiped and restored from a backup.


On shore power, I don’t think about such things. My UPS is always on and therefore so is my external backup drive. Time Machine backs up my system once per hour. When boondocking, I tend to be laxer about such matters, only backing up when I absolutely need to run the inverter for something else….

I froze when I saw that message. I know better than to run systems maintenance before not only a Time Machine backup but also a bootable SuperDuper! backup. When was the last time I backed up? Yesterday morning. What had I worked on in that time? Nothing I needed to recover. My email was still on the server and the only picture I’d uploaded to iPhoto had been shared on Facebook. A day old backup wasn’t going to be a huge loss. Phew!

I don’t know what’s involved in wiping a drive and then restoring it on a PC to bring a user back to the exact same stage there were at when the backup was done. On a Mac, you just select the Time Machine backup you want to use for the backup and then go do something else for a few hours. I’ve complained a lot about Apple lately, but after a frustrating afternoon on the PC, I can only say that it’s good to be home.

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Feb 11, 2013 -

Warm In the Truck

BLECH. The day’s weather just keeps getting worse. It is so damp and chilly. I put the computers in the truck to charge them and then realised that I might as well join them so that I can enjoy the HEAT.

This was an afternoon for curling up with a good movie, so I put on the mini-series True Women, which I mentioned after my trip to Goliad.

The mini-series starts just before the Goliad Massacre and ends after the Civil War. It is the story of strong, brave Texan women pioneers and is very honest about the harsh reality of life on the frontier. The Dana Delaney character in particular is remarkable. I really do have to read the book on which the series is based.

My new favourite line from the series is, “I’m glad I came to Texas.”


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