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Jun 12, 2011 -

Cleaning My RV Fridge

In a fit of unusual efficiency, I decided to clean my RV fridge while dinner was cooking. The two activities took exactly the same time!

a lovely clean fridge

I discovered, after three years of annoyance, that the door compartments are removable! DOH!

To clean the fridge, I partially filled one of my sinks with very hot water, a drop of dish soap, and a glub of vinegar. I used a microfiber cloth to clean all parts of the fridge; door compartments and door, walls, shelves, and vegetable crisper.

I defrosted the fridge recently so I didn’t have to do that or worry about the freezer. I did replace my boxes of baking soda to absorb odours and dampness. I finished by running an old toothbrush around the door gasket and hinges.

A single person really shouldn’t be allowed to have a fridge this big. Aren’t I lucky? 😀

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May 2, 2011 -

RV Freezer Defrosting Tip

I took advantage of my electrical problem yesterday to defrost the fridge and freezer. In the fridge it’s always half of the coils that turn into a mass of ice while in the freezer it’s the back wall that gets thicker and thicker.

The fridge ice falls off the coils very quickly after turning off the power, but the freezer ice behaves as though it was attached with crazy glue. It’s a bad idea to use anything sharp to scrape and a hair dryer or other heat source can also cause damage.

The solution is to lightly coat the freezer walls with a non-salted oil, such as vegetable or olive. Ice will build up as normal, but after letting the fridge sit for about an hour a gentle tap will loosen it. Dispose of the ice, wipe down the walls, and reapply the oil before turning the fridge back on.

I would not try oiling the coils in the fridge.


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May 1, 2011 -

Found the Short!

Thanks to Will’s comment that the fuse I thought was still good might actually be the bad one, I started to make progress on my electrical problem. For one thing, each time I tried to replace the fuse, the new one would blow.

Amazingly enough, I knew how to troubleshoot one step further: disconnect individual components of that circuit until I found the one that was causing a short. I also knew right away where the problem was and started there: the new 12V outlet. I disconnected it and tried one last time to replace the fuse that kept blowing. Not only did the fuse not blow this time, everything else started working just fine. Yay, I have a fridge again!

I’m going to give up on that 12V outlet and start from scratch with a new one.

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