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Aug 24, 2012 -

Home Never Felt So Good

I packed up all my stuff from the house this afternoon, then did a Tim Hortons run for a quick dinner. When I got back, my mother was still out gallivanting, so I decided to get level on my own. The asphalt was still showing the marks of where the boards were, so getting leveled wasn’t too bad. It’s just a bit awkward since the driveway just got repaved and each time I turn the wheels, I damage the surface a little, so I have to get in with as few turns as possible.

Once level, I hooked up power, filled the fresh water tank, and got unpacked. I just have the food left, but the fridge will take into tomorrow to get cold. I gave it a head start on propane before leaving Boucherville this afternoon.

I am really irked that even though I cleaned and dried every nook and cranny of the fridge, there was still mould in it when I opened it up today. So I had to clean it again. I hope I never have to empty and turn off the fridge again like that, but if I do, I will figure out a way to securely leave the door ajar.

This weekend’s plans may change a little since my mother wants to finish up what we need to do to make it possible for Tabitha and Neelix to finally have their long overdue homecoming. But I am still going to squeeze in some time to work on the overhang. Miranda otherwise looking pretty good is a big motivator.

The service tech at Boisvert probably thought that cleaning and waxing the truck part was a small thing, but it’s major for me because it’s one less thing to do. Have you ever felt you had so much to do that you couldn’t get started on anything? That’s how the exterior project felt for me until I saw Miranda yesterday. I mean, I can even see myself in the hubcaps! Even rePoliglowing is no big deal now that the rig has been power washed already. Boisvert Ford made up for a lot of the frustration left by the morons and I am very grateful to them.

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Apr 12, 2012 -

RAIN! Why Does it Have to Be RAIN!

I awoke to a torrential downpour. On the bright side, it could have been a snowstorm. I decided to go ahead with at least part of today’s plan and at least get gas, propane, and water.

Getting out of my spot was no big deal, just a bit of back and forthing until I could swing her around. I had Miranda on the street and ready for her errands by 11:15.

First stop was propane, the Gas King on North Mayor Magrath. From Mayor Magrath, the pumps are on the wrong side for filling an on board tank, but you can turn onto 2 Avenue North to come in from around the back and get lined up correctly. I was then able to back Miranda up a bit so I could turn and get into the gas pump lanes. Propane was  75 cents a litre (about $40 for a fill-CHEAP) and gas was $1.18 a litre (about $220 for a fill-cheaper than just about anywhere else in Canada). Be careful coming out of there if you plan to turn right onto 2nd to turn left on Mayor Magrath because the entrance is super steep. I heard quite a bit of scraping, which was my tow hitch hitting pavement. It looks okay, but I am going to have to do a thorough inspection before I leave.

Next, I headed for the dump station at the corner of Scenic Drive and Mayor Magrath South to attempt to dewinterize my water system. I think I got everything, but between the sound of the rain and that of the traffic, it was hard to check for leaks.

Issues that have come up:

-The water heater won’t fire up. Could be because it’s soggy out. Will keep trying. There is water in the tank, so that’s not the problem.

-The tap in the dressing room sink is leaking. I was having issues before the winter, so I’ll take it apart and see if it just needs a new washer. I’ll just have to be sure to keep the water pump off when I don’t need water until I fix this.

-The toilet flapper won’t open. It seems to be glued shut! No idea what I can put to destickify it without ruining the seal. Any thoughts?

Besides that, everything looks good. The fridge fired up immediately both on 120V and on propane. I’ve had the fridge on 120V for a few days, so it’s nice and cold.

I was going to do a billion trips down to the rig today, but it’s way too nasty for that. I’ll focus on making sure the way is clear to get the pallets and mattress in, but that’ll probably have to be it for today. I’ll do a bit of work on The Apartment, but will do my bookkeeping work today that I was going to do tomorrow.

I am still sleeping in Miranda tonight!

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Jan 19, 2012 -

A Touch of Cabin Fever

The week has been bitter cold, with day-time temperatures dipping into the mid negative 20s, with the windchill nearing -40. I don’t even want to get into the nighttime temperatures! I went for a quick walk on Monday afternoon, but heeded the frostbite warning the last two days and limited my outdoor time to running around between my buildings. I’ve also had a huge transcription project the last three days that ate up the rest of my days. So I haven’t had much of a change of scenery for four days. Today, it’s a balmy-feeling -18, so I’ve decided to walk the two blocks to Montana’s for dinner!

In the RV, having to do several days of hard work with no real opportunity to go outside hasn’t made me feel claustrophobic. I get to prepare and have my meals in another room and at the end of the day, I can retire to the front room to decompress before moving to the loft. In The Apartment, I have to stare at the same four walls all day. It’s slowly becoming an insufferable situation. While I am thrilled to be in a warm place this week, I am very glad I only have about eight weeks left to go before I can move back home. This winter has proven to me that it is the number of rooms in my home, not the square footage, that determines how happily I can live there. If I had to stay on in Lethbridge in The Apartment for any longer, I would be quite content to remain there, but I would get furniture that would allow me to separate my spaces. Not that I need to think about that!

One of the things that I will doubly appreciate when I return to Miranda is the fridge. Do you housebound folks have any idea how LOUD a compression fridge is?!

In other news, a tenant must have noticed that I was working late this aftenoon and brought me a cup of tea and a slice of banana cream pie. There are perks to working here. 🙂

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