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Nov 15, 2012 -

Uneventful Drive Down I-87 To Saratoga Springs

It was a perfect day for a drive, clear with few cars on the road. Except when she was stuck behind some impossibly slow rigs or was climbing a grade, Miranda effortlessly matched the speed limit. I could only feel the truck behind me when I slowed down or was climbing a hill. I need to measure my new rig, but, truly, it doesn’t feel any longer or more unwieldy than my old one! My gas consumpition was normal for a day going up and down grades!

Just ahead of the last area before Saratoga Springs, a long column of white cars appeared in my view screen. They roared past me and I saw that they were US Border Patrol vehicles. They merged in between myself and another rig plated in Quebec that was closely followed another Quebec-plated rig. The two Quebec vehicles pulled into the rest area and the border patrol vehicles followed suit. There were no lights or anything, but it was the darnedest thing to see as they appeared to be on a mission.

One exit before the raceway, I was running on a quarter tank of fuel when I noticed a sign saying ‘truck stop.’ I figured that I’d be able to find a gas station where I could get in easily with my toad, and I did.

At the raceway, I tucked myself into the far end of the parking lot, much like I did last time. There are a lot more cars here this time, however.

I called Verizon to reactivate my phone to get internet and then realised that I’d need wifi to get online, like I did in the spring. My GPS told me where was a McDonald’s fairly close by, but was useless at providing a neighbourhood map that would set me off in the right direction on foot. I set off in a couple of directions, easily covering the distance to the restaurant, and each time my GPS told me I was going the wrong way.

Even though I’d truly had enough toad excitement for one day, I unhooked the truck and drove around a bit until I found the McDonald’s, which was ludicrously close by. It almost wasn’t worth it to have unhooked except that I would have come home in the dark.

There, I downloaded the Lion version of the VZAccess Manager and then tried to connect. No dice. I called Verizon back and when I finally got to a live person, he informed me that the first guy I spoke to forgot to authorize use of my cell phone as a modem. I hung up with him, restarted my phone, and tried the internet again. It worked!

I drove home in the growing darkness and then spent a very frustrating 15 minutes or so trying to hook my truck up. It’ll go much more smoothly as I gain experience with the tow bar… and hook up while not completely exhausted.

The disappointing news of the day is that my battery bank is not working properly. I haven’t even tried my new inverter setup yet because my batteries are so low.

I unhooked from shore power on Monday and had a full charge on Tuesday morning, but haven’t had one since then. I really should have plugged back in. What happened is that I thought the propane was on, but it wasn’t, and the furnace kicked on for hours, completely draining the battery before I caught the mistake. It’s been pretty overcast since, I spent all of yesterday in a garage, and I didn’t drive enough today to get a full charge. At this point, I can’t tell if my problem is just that I need a charge or if I screwed up somewhere in my wiring and actually have a problem.

My battery monitor says that I’m at about 80% charge with a voltage in the high elevens, (which goes to show that voltage tells you nothing about the state of your batteries), and that I could run at my current amp draw for about 24 hours. Unfortunately, my current amp draw is just the fridge. As soon as I turn on the furnace, my fridge goes haywire. Forget running the water pump or even an LED light. It’s getting chilly, so I predict I’ll be going to bed early with the electric blanket. I’m not even going to bother to have my batteries load tested. As soon as I can get a deal on a good pair of Trojans with more amp hours, I’ll be switching. I should not be shivering my first night back on the road.

Tomorrow will be the hardest day of the drive south as I’ll be heading onto the New York Thruway. After that, it should be fairly smooth sailing. I do need to find a place to overnight between St Clair PA and Hampton Roads as I want to arrive at my destination in daylight. ETA at this point is Sunday afternoon.

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Oct 29, 2012 -

Results of the Informal Fridge Survey

I recently asked my readers about their RV fridges.

Including myself, 10 people responded.

Of those 10 people:

3 have Class Cs
3 have Class As
2 have Class Bs
1 has a bumper pull trailer
1 has a 5er

Average fridge capacity is:

6 cubic feet for a class C
9.3 cubic feet for a class A
7.5 cubic feet for the Bs
(the trailer has a 6 cubic foot fridge and the 5er’s fridge capacity is 8 cubic feet)

Average fridge capacity for all 10 rigs is:

7.9 cubic feet
The smallest capacity fridge has a capacity of 6 cubic feet and the biggest one has a capacity of 12 cubic feet.

Satisfaction with the fridge capacity:

4 are sort of satisfied (eg. would distribute the space differently between the fridge and freezer)
4 are satisfied
2 are not satisfied (and use an extra fridge or cooler)

Satisfaction ratings have nothing to do with capacity:

3 of the 4 sort ofs have a fridge capacity bigger than 7 cubic feet
One of the nos has two cubic feet more space than the other
The four who are satisfied have a capacity ranging from 6 to 8 cubic feet

What surprised me the most about these results is that the Bs averaged bigger fridges than did the Cs. Of course, the sample size is very small.

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Oct 24, 2012 -

What’s the Capacity of Your RV Fridge?

I’d like to informally survey my readers as the capacity/volume of their RV fridge. Please answer in the comments.

1) What type of RV do you have?

2) What brand of fridge do you have?

3) What is the volume of your fridge?

4) Is your fridge big enough for your needs?

One of the most frequent questions I get is how I handle having a ‘tiny’ fridge. The best answer is to show the person the fridge. I consider that I have been blessed in fridge capacity and have noticed that I have a bigger capacity fridge than even some big class As and fivers. I’m definitely at the upper end of capacity for a single door fridge.

My answers are:

1) class C

2) Norcold

3) 7.5 cubic feet

4) Yes, but it would be even better if the fridge part were a little smaller and the freezer part a little bigger.

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