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Apr 8, 2013 -

My Fridge Doesn’t Like AC

Last night, I managed to blow the breaker in the house. I was barely using any power. I had tested the outlet prior to plugging in and knew Ms. Cinnamon never had any trouble with it when her rig was plugged in.

All I had done was switch the fridge to AC. So it looks like my fridge woes while on FHU at Hidden Valley were not a one-time thing. My fridge is no longer happy about running on AC.

I’m so tired of troubleshooting that I’m tempted to just ignore this problem. But if I’m having trouble on AC, trouble on propane is sure to follow…. I’ll wait until I have easy access to the a breaker before I start doing a bunch of tests. I did pull out my manual and none of the troubleshooting tips look too promising. I’m seeing a lot of ‘not user serviceable’ mentions…

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Mar 19, 2013 -

Fridge Woes

My fridge kept kicking off yesterday, both on the AC and propane setting. On AC, I was getting the scary all lights flashing ‘you’re in deep trouble’ warning and on propane I was getting a ‘there’s a problem with the power supply’ warning.

I thought that we were getting brownouts because of everyone running their ACs, but by 11PM, the rig was sitting at a steady 120V and the fridge continued to cut out.

I turned off the converter, switched the fridge to propane, and it was muuuuuuuuch happier. It ran fine all night. I’ve got the converter back on this morning and the fridge seems to be okay on AC. It’s a cool morning, so I’m sure there are no ACs running, which supports my brownout theory.

Let’s hope that this is a one-time thing…

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Mar 10, 2013 -

An RV Fridge Feature You Probably Don’t Know About

Five years of full-timing and I only learn about this now? Yes, I have these, too!

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