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Mar 30, 2011 -

Spa Night in Missoula

I awoke in St Regis to a very heavy sky and a voltage in the low elevens. It was time to either go for a long enough drive to recharge the batteries via the truck alternator or to plug in at a park. My solar had reached its limit in a cold, soggy climate! I think it has done very well; I haven’t plugged in since about 8AM on March 18th! My goal was to be able to boondock or dry camp for fourteen days in a climate warm enough to not require the furnace. I made it to thirteen days in a climate requiring furnace use. So, my system exceeded its expectations!

Plugging in was more appealing than doing a long slog since I also needed water, was ready for a non-navy shower, and due to put on a load of laundry. So I researched RV parks along I-90, looking for one with as close to FHU as possible that would be open at this time of year. Jim and Mary’s RV Park just outside of Missoula was perfect: 30A FHU pull-thrus with wifi at the sites (weak but acceptable), a laundromat, barely a detour from I-90, and scenic to boot. The price is a reasonable $35 a night.

The drive there from St Regis was short, barely more than an hour, and on a stretch of rough highway that cut a swath through great mountains. It’ll be a four hour slog to Great Falls tomorrow, but after two short days I’ll be ready to get some mileage under me.

I’m taking full advantage of my 30 amps to run the dehumidifier and electric heater and to make a pass with the vacuum cleaner to get the rig ready for a possible inspection at the border.

My original itinerary would have had me pushing north from here to Kalispell, then around Glacier National Park. But I’ve been monitoring the road conditions on US 2 and there is always a black ice warning around the Marias Pass at the southern tip of the park. It’s just too early in the season to go that way. So, I will continue on I-90, spend tomorrow night at the Flying J (which may no longer be a Flying J) in Great Falls at the junction of I-15, cross into Alberta Friday, boondock on the Alberta side Friday night, and then enjoy a leisurely drive to Lethbridge on Saturday.

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Mar 20, 2011 -

Cold and Rainy Eugene Morning

I awoke to dampness. I haven’t been able to run the dehumidifier in forever and look forward to entering a drier climate in the next week or so.

It was a nice day yesterday, being in such a great spot (I will be sharing pictures of it!). I spent a few hours at Starbucks in the morning, went home to work on some projects, and then treated myself to lunch at Chile’s. I discovered this restaurant chain back in Regina in ’08 and have never had a bad meal the few times I’ve been able to eat at one. I made a note in my private journal from back then at that the $25, including tax and tip, that I spent on the ‘Margarita chicken with a bottomless glass of strawberry lemonade was some of the best money I’d spent recently at a restaurant.’ So, I decided to see if that meal was still available. It was and the review still held, but not the price. It was only $15 for that meal here!

I was due for a Walmart run, so I went out in the afternoon to run errands, then I came home and crashed with embroidery and movies (and cats).

I really didn’t watch my battery usage last night, running an LED light for hours, charging the laptop, and plugging in the electric blanket for several hours. I went to sleep with the battery voltage around 11.8 and woke up to it being 12.3, not bad considering that I was up almost two hours earlier than yesterday in much greyer and wetter weather!

I’ll be rolling out of Eugene sometime around noon. I flagged down a security car on the way to the Starbucks this morning and caught the same guy as the night I pulled in. I let him know that I am leaving today and made sure that it’s okay to hang out for a part of the day.

Miranda’s due for an oil change, so I’d like to have that done today but none of my leads can fit me in, so I may have to wait a bit longer. I’m getting antsy to have this done, but we’re not at the critical stage yet.

So, I’m off to the Oregon coast for a few days! I have no idea what internet access will be like there, but there is a Starbucks in Florence. At $1.50 for a coffee, it’s a reasonable temporary solution for getting online.

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Jan 11, 2011 -

Good Timing

I am so glad I put my bed back together last night because I have to go back to Penticton this afternoon: I finally found a buyer for my old computers. It’ll be so nice to regain all that extra space!!!

So, that means I probably won’t be able to finish up the loft today. It just has the curtains left, so I don’t feel a rush, other than to do a big reveal, of course! I could not believe the difference up there last night, it was very tangible. It was still ‘humid’, but it smelled crisp and fresh. I fell asleep around 2AM and next thing I knew it was 1:30PM! I think I was tired. 😀

When I woke up, the windows had a lot of condensation. I started the dehumidifier immediately and the water disappeared quickly. It was also very, very cold in the loft last night. Those windows need to go! I’ve been given some suggestions on how I could effectively block them off without worrying about leaks, and I’m starting to consider it. For tonight, I’ll be adding the sheet of bubble wrap insulation to the front window.

I was able to set up the dehumidifier in a very convenient fashion. I’m actually shocked that it’s set up out of the way by both a plug and a convenient outlet for the water. My routine when I am plugged into 30A shore power will have to be to start it in the morning when I climb out of bed, and empty it when I climb up.

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