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Dec 2, 2010 -

Wanting and Having a Dog

It’s been two full days now that I’ve had Donna‘s dog Midnight with me. This dog is perfect for me and exemplifies all the reasons why I want a dog even though I am not a ‘dog person.’

Midnight in his turquoise sweater (warm enough for afternoons, he has a coat he wears at night)

I want a dog as a pal to do things with. The cats are great at home, but I love the idea of having a critter to take with me wherever I go, on hikes or in town running errands. I had this idea that if I had a dog in the house, I’d be more motivated to go out and get some exercise. What I have trouble with is getting my shoes on. Once I’m outside, I’ll gladly turn a dumpster run into a 5K walk. Since a dog has to go out regularly, there’s my motivation.

That’s the way it’s been since Midnight came here. We go out for a frolic first thing in the morning, then he comes out and putters with me during the day. I went down to the office for propane this morning and it was the most natural thing to invite Midnight to ride shotgun. He loves going for car rides! After dinner, sometime around nine, we head out for a loop around the park and then we do one more quick business trip before bed.

He is just so sweet and obedient. I can’t stand dogs that are in your face all the time and obnoxious. Midnight’s fun because you can spend time interacting with him instead of disciplining him.

I’m surprised by how well he has integrated into the household. There was no animosity to speak of on the part of the felines and they all respect each others’ turf. He’s not in the way and having a third body to take care of doesn’t feel like extra work at all. He’s not afraid of asking for what he needs, whether it’s fresh water or a cuddle, and he understands “Midnight, go lie down!” the odd time he’s underfoot (I have a small kitchen!).

In short, Midnight’s going to be a tough act to follow should I take the plunge and get a dog. There are some major things still holding me back, smoothly as this experiment is going, and I  am actually more convinced now than ever that getting a dog is not a path I’m meant to follow.

1) Full-time commitment

Right now, Midnight’s fun because it’s not going to last and he isn’t interrupting any plans. A dog isn’t like a cat, you can’t leave it at home for a full day, much less a weekend.

2) Life span

I estimate that I have about ten years left with my two kitties. I will have by that point lived my whole adult life with pets and half of my life with Miss Bitha. I might want to try life without pets for a while, especially if I go forth with my plans to do Europe by RV one day. If I were to get a dog, it would have to be an older one whose lifespan fits within that window of time.

3) Cost

Dog ownership is a lot more costly than cat ownership. I don’t think I’m solvent enough to bring a third critter into this house.

I’m really grateful to have this week with Midnight and thankful to his parents for trusting me with their precious little one.

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Nov 23, 2010 -

Fourteen Year Anniversary of Living With the Internet

November 23, 1996, at about 6PM, I took my first steps onto the information super highway. I made a note of this occasion in my diary because I could recognize that it would be a watershed moment in my life.

I am at an age where I can cleanly separate life pre and post internet. I have lived just about exactly half my life at this time in both eras. The technology grew during my college and university days and I saw the world change overnight. In April of 1998, I was still doing homework on a typewriter; six months later I wasn’t allowed to use a dot matrix printer for churning out essays; and two years later I was getting bonus credit for submitting my papers as web pages.

Ultimately, I am grateful for the internet, even if I am much too dependent on it. I have always had a thirst for knowledge that libraries and bookstores couldn’t slake and now I have all the knowledge I could want at my fingertips. I have also made some truly remarkable, life-long, friendships through the web. I sometimes spend too much time mindlessly surfing and not enough time reading books, but when all is added up, the internet has been a Good Thing in my life.

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Nov 15, 2010 -


I’m sitting here on this grey and gloomy Monday morning in my beautifully decorated and functional home office, flitting from task to task, mostly focusing on the book I’m writing, petting whichever cat is sitting on my lap at the moment, occasionally staring out at the lovely view of mountains, sipping a good cup of coffee, relaxed and happy that I didn’t have a job to return to after my trip, and wondering How did I get to be so lucky?

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